How to Activate BPI Credit Card: 3 Easy Steps

Having your first credit card is one thing, but activating it is the next step before using it in making transactions.

Activating your BPI credit card takes just a minute of your time.

If you want to know how to activate a BPI credit card, read more details in this article.

Why do I need to activate my BPI credit card?

After receiving your credit card, you need to activate it because it does not come pre-activated. This ensures that nobody can use the credit card before it comes to your hands.

BSP mandated this procedure for security reasons and is not meant to cause you any inconvenience.

How to activate a BPI credit card?

Follow these steps on how to activate a BPI credit card:

Step 1: Open the SMS app on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Compose a message by typing BPIACT followed by a space, then your Credit Card’s last ten digits.

Step 3: Check the details once again before sending them to 225689.

Your credit card will be activated for up to 2 days, excluding holidays and weekends.

Take note that you should use the same mobile number you provided during the application process.

Can I already use my BPI credit card after activation?

Yes, you can use your BPI credit card at once after its activation process.

Note that it is not after sending the activation text message but rather when BPI staff has processed its activation after two banking days.

How do I know that my BPI credit card is already activated?

You will know that your BPI credit card is activated once you have received a notification through SMS or email.

You can also make a test payment for anything you want to purchase online.

Do I need to cover the CVV at the back of my credit card?

You do not necessarily have to cover the CVV at the back of your credit card, but it is an excellent preventative measure.

There are stories of credit card details being used for fraudulent transactions because a random person has taken note of your credit card details.

You can cover it with correction fluid or a sticker, but just in case someone still attempts to use it, you can report the transaction to BPI.

Also, don’t forget to sign your credit card after receiving it to ensure that no one can sign their name on it and make purchases in commercial establishments.

What if I do not activate my credit card?

It does not make sense not to activate your credit card because you cannot use it.

Because of that, you cannot “maintain” your credit card, and you will still need to pay the annual fee if it is not waived.

However, if your goal is to flaunt that you have a credit card, you are free to do whatever you want.

Losing your card will not cost you money except for replacement fees.

Can I call BPI regarding credit card activation?

Yes, you can call BPI if you have any concerns regarding your credit card activation by calling (+632) 889-10000.


Having a credit card brings the responsibility of paying dues on time and ensuring the physical security of your card.

Once activated, treat your credit card like any other valuable personal item.

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