How to Put Exact Address in GrabFood: Complete Guide

GrabFood allows you to order all the good food and get them delivered to you in just a few clicks.

You can choose from a wide selection of menu items from snacks, milk tea, baked goods, beverages, and Filipino cuisine to Chinese, Asian, American, Japanese, and even Italian.

Read this guide on how to put exact address in GrabFood for a hassle-free delivery:

How do I pin my exact location on GrabFood?

Delivery riders have no problem when it comes to finding the way to their destination, thanks to the guided map, but it’s best to use your exact location in case they are not familiar:

Step 1: Provide the pick-up and drop-off points in the app to see delivery fee.

Step 2: Click the general address in the delivery location, then click the map icon on the upper right corner of the Grab app.

Step 3: Drag the map and zoom in or out to place your exact location in the center point.

How to put exact address in GrabFood 2

You can set the destination at any point near your actual address in situations where the road or street is at some distance to your place.

Why my address is not found in Grab?

You may notice that sometimes, you cannot find your location in the search results.

A possible reason for this is that there are no nearby Points of Interest (POI) in your address.

The fastest way to solve the problem is to enter the nearest landmark you can find and then adjust your location in the map using the pin.

How do I change my address on GrabFood?

You may be having problems on how to put exact address in GrabFood, and you should always double check before confirming your order.

In the event that you accidentally entered a wrong address, you should immediately inform the delivery rider so that there won’t be a problem with the delivery fee.

You can update the drop-off point or just negotiate a small addition to the payment, whichever saves you money.

How do I send my location in Grab?

Sometimes it would help the delivery rider reach you faster if you can share your live location.

Just tap the Share My Location button and copy or send the link, even if you do not have a booking yet.

Can I save my address in the Grab app?

If you are getting tired of always setting the location, there’s a way on how to put exact address in GrabFood and save it for future orders.

Once you have entered your address in the app, tap on the star beside it to automatically save it for future bookings.

Can I order in GrabFood 24/7?

Yes, you can order from GrabFood even if it is late night or wee hours of the morning.

There are 24/7 restaurants and just because you cannot go out of your house does not mean you cannot grab a bite.

There will always be a Grab rider on standby in busy areas especially in the city.


Being able to put your exact location in the Grab app will literally save you some steps away from a delicious meal.

Always remember that you can customize the destination by using the pin in the map.

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