How to Apply as A Grab Food Driver in the Philippines: Earn Money

How to apply as a Grab Food driver in the Philippines?

Being a GrabFood delivery rider not only provides you a great income opportunity but also brings peace of mind to customers especially during quarantine restrictions.

Check the requirements needed to be a GrabFood delivery-partner:

What is the job of a GrabFood driver?

Taking a delivery job for Grab means that you are hardworking, patient, and has great communication skills.

Compared to other delivery services offered by the company, there is more urgency in completing the customer’s request in GrabFood.

Basically, all you need to do is pick-up the take out order at a food or beverage establishment and bring it to the designated address.

Grab food rider requirements

There are only a few qualifications needed in order to apply as GrabFood driver in the Philippines.

As a rider, you must be 18 to 55 years old, have a Professional Driver’s License, recent negative drug test result, and NBI clearance.

If you are riding a bicycle instead of a motorcycle, the age requirement is 21 to 50 years old, but you can just have any valid government-issued ID instead of the driving license.

You must have a Year Model 2013 or above, with 100-155cc Displacement, and not a China Brand motorcycle.

The OR/CR is required for motorcycle riders along with the following:

  • Original authorization letter with owner’s valid ID photocopy for borrowed motor
  • Notarized Deed of Sale for second hand unit
  • Repossession Certification or any Certificate from Dealer for Reacquired Motor

If you have prepared all the above documents, you may now sign up for activation at the Grab app or website.

Steps to apply as a GrabFood driver

Step 1: Sign up for activation and submit all requirements to Grab PH.

Step 2: Attend and complete the driver training which is online.

Step 3: Check your Application Status or wait for 5 working days for the SMS notification.

Step 4: Follow the next steps as instructed.

You may be requested to resubmit documents if the ones you have already sent are not clear so make sure there is proper lighting and no glare.

How do GrabFood drivers get paid?

The payment for delivery riders is on a per-trip basis, which is 49 pesos, plus 15 pesos for every kilometer traveled.

All earnings are on the Driver Wallet which includes the cash and credit wallet transactions.

Net Earnings, Tips, Bonus, Cash Transaction Reimbursement, Payout, and Funds Transfer can be found at the Cash Wallet.

On the other hand, the Credit Wallet contains Adjustments, Cash Transaction Deduction and Reimbursement, Funds Transfer and Top-up.

How many percent does Grab take from drivers?

Grab takes a maximum of 20 percent commission from the 49 pesos delivery fee.

It also gives back through Gems which can have equivalent cash, to incentivize good service.

How much do GrabFood drivers earn in Philippines?

There is no limit as to how much a delivery-partner can earn as it depends on their hard work.

Grab riders who take GrabFood orders in the country can earn around 800 pesos on a normal day which is way above the minimum wage.

Due to stricter community quarantine restrictions, the earnings can go up to 1,500 pesos per day due to the surge of customers wanting to stay in their home.

How to Apply Grab Food Driver Philippines – Conclusion

Being a delivery-partner for GrabFood can be a fulfilling and sustaining job which can support a whole family.

The main capital needed is hard work and perseverance, which most Filipinos have.

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