The Benefits and Features of Forex Trading Apps

Forex trading has undergone a significant transformation with the advent of mobile technology. Thanks to the development of a sophisticated forex trading app available on each smartphone, individuals can now engage in currency trading on the go, anytime and anywhere. These apps have revolutionized the forex market, offering a range of benefits and features that … Read more

How To Send Money To GCash From USA (4 Ways)

Millions of Filipinos –and a good number of foreigners as well – use the GCash app for their daily transactions. With GCash, people can easily send money within less than a minute. Filipinos living or traveling outside of the Philippines use GCash often, too. If you plan on going to the US anytime soon, are … Read more

GCash GInvest: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

GCash has grown to become more than just a digital wallet where you can send money and pay bills. It has insurance plans, savings accounts, loans, credit lines, and an investment platform. The investment platform on GCash is called GInvest. You may have already heard of GInvest before or seen the GInvest icon on the … Read more

What Can Affect Exchange Rates in Forex?

Every time you buy and sell currency pairs in the forex market, you are taking on some amount of risk, whether it is a high amount or a low amount. Therefore, when trading currencies in forex, it is important to become familiar with the many factors that can have an impact on exchange rates. Combined … Read more

How to Raise the Funds to Start a Business

You might have a fabulous idea for a new business, and it might be such a good idea that you are pretty much guaranteed to be successful if you could get it up and running. But that is the problem: you need to get it up and running. An idea is only an idea. You … Read more

How to Pay PLDT Using UnionBank Online

With online banking, you can pay all your utility bills from the comfort of your own home. You also don’t have to make any additional transfers to e-wallets or other accounts since you can deduct the bill amount directly from your preferred bank account. If you are a UnionBank account holder, you can pay your … Read more

How to Get Bank Statement from UnionBank

Keeping record of all the activity that goes on in your bank account is helpful for avoiding scams and detecting fraudulent transactions in a timely manner. Bank records, such as bank statements, are also required for travel purposes when you are applying for a foreign Visa. If you are a UnionBank account holder that needs … Read more

How to Use GCredit on Lazada (The Only Way)

GCash has rolled out tons of useful features that make life easier for their customers. One of these features is called GCredit. GCredit is an online credit line provided by GCash for users that meet the minimum criteria and GCredit score. It is an alternative payment method for purchases that acts like a credit card. … Read more

How to Pay UnionBank Quick Loan

For those who do not have any credit cards or are unable to get credit card approval, it can be challenging to find flexible payment options. It is much easier to get approved for a personal loan compared to a credit card. UnionBank offers personal loans to their account holders that have minimal requirements and … Read more

How to Activate UnionBank ATM card

Unlike most other banks, UnionBank makes it convenient for customers to apply for and open an account with them. You can open an account on the UnionBank website or app and submit all your documents online. They will even send you your UnionBank ATM card through door-to-door delivery. Of course, if you still prefer the … Read more