How to Get Bank Statement from UnionBank

Keeping record of all the activity that goes on in your bank account is helpful for avoiding scams and detecting fraudulent transactions in a timely manner. Bank records, such as bank statements, are also required for travel purposes when you are applying for a foreign Visa.

If you are a UnionBank account holder that needs to get a bank statement for whatever personal and legal reason, you can find out how to get one in this article.

What is a bank statement?

A bank statement is a document that shows a summary of the account holder’s transactions for a specific savings or checking account in a given month.

It also contains other information such as the account holder’s name, account number, and other relevant bank account information.

Transactions shown on bank statements include deposits and withdrawals as well as the dates, times, and locations of the transactions .

Banks typically send bank statements to their customers on a monthly basis. However, some banks only send them on a per-request basis.

How to Get Bank Statement from UnionBank

UnionBank does not usually send monthly bank statements to their account holders. You will have to specifically request one if you need it. This what you need to do:

Via Email

Step 1: Open your email account on your phone or web browser.

Step 2: Create a new email.

Step 3: Enter as the recipient.

Step 4: Input an email subject. You may title it something along the lines of “Bank Statement Request.”

Step 5: In your email body, state that you are requesting a bank statement and what you plan on using it for. Include details such as your full name, email, UnionBank-registered mobile number, account number, and the date range for the bank statement.

Step 6: Review the contents of your email and send once everything is good to go.

Via Bank Branch

Step 1: Go to the nearest UnionBank branch.

Step 2: Inform the branch employees that you need a bank statement and let them know the purpose of your request.

Step 3: Share with them relevant details such as your account number. They may also ask you  for other documents like a valid government ID.

Step 4: Follow their instructions and coordinate with the UnionBank employee regarding your request.

Via Phone Call

Step 1: Call UnionBank’s customer support hotline using your mobile or landline phone. Dial the number

(+632) 8841-8600.

Step 2: Listen to the automated prompts and follow the verbal instructions to connect to the appropriate department and customer service agent.

Step 3: Tell the agent about your request, giving them other pertinent details including your full name and account number.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the operating schedule of UnionBank’s customer hotline?

Their customer support hotline accepts calls 24 hours a day.

Do I need to pay a fee to get a copy of my bank statement?

Banks provide online statements for free. If you request a physical copy, there will be a paper statement fee.


UnionBank’s customer service team is top-notch, and you can easily request a bank statement and other documents you need from them.

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