How to Book Grab: Step-By-Step Guide

Grab is the Everyday Everything App because it allows you to have your favorite food, reach your destination, and even manage your finances.

Two of the most recognized features of Grab are being able to hail your ride or book a food order.

If you want to know how to book Grab for rides or deliveries, check out all of the details in this article.

What is Grab?

Grab was launched in 2012 as a ride-hailing service in the Philippines but now offers many other services.

The Grab Superapp offers services for Transport, Food, Mart, Delivery, Pay, Airtime, Bills, Rewards, and Gifts.

The ride services offer not only Taxi, Car, Premium, Sharing, and eScooter options but also customizations for your Family, Pet, and travel abroad.

Recently, Grab has joined the motorcycle ride-hailing business by buying out MOVE IT so that we can expect even faster travel time to our destinations.

How to Book Grab for Ride and Food

Follow these steps on how to book Grab for transport, food, mart, or delivery:

Step 1: Open the Grab Superapp on your smartphone.

Step 2: Select from Transport, Food, Mart, or Delivery and complete the details.

Step 3: Set the destination address for your Grab booking.

It’s as easy as that, and don’t forget to use Grab promo codes to maximize your savings.

For delivery, you can also choose the type of vehicle depending on the bulkiness of the item.

How to pay for Grab booking

When you book a Grab ride, you can pay for it while you are in transit while comfortably sitting inside the car.

Paying through cash is an option by cashing in through e-Cash with the driver, but you can always use your GrabWallet or card to make a payment.

For deliveries, payment can be made by the sender or recipient, but you can also use your GrabPay wallet balance.

On the other hand, you can pay for orders after your food or items have been delivered.

What is Grab Transport?

Grab Transport is Grab’s core service, allowing users to book a ride for a taxi, private car, luxury car, and shared ride.

With just a few taps on your phone, the Grab drivers will be available at your next location, which is more convenient than public transport.

There are even customizations for your kids and furbabies through GrabFamily and GrabPet.

GrabWheels for eScooter rides may be a possibility in the future for more cities that aim to be more eco-friendly.

What is GrabFood?

GrabFood is the food delivery service of grab that brings food from restaurants right to your location.

You can choose many choices depending on your location, which can be Asian, Filipino, European, Western, Fusion, and others.

GrabFood service is available to limited areas only, including Metro Manila, Cavite, Rizal, Pampanga, Laguna, and Cebu.

To check whether you can place an order, just open the Grab Superapp and click on Food.

What is GrabMart?

GrabMart allows you to do your normal shopping with the assistance of store staff and quick delivery by a Grab rider.

You can get groceries, healthcare and beauty products, packaged food, drinks, household products, gifts, and other items from the Grab Superapp.

The payment can be made before or after the items have already been delivered.

What is GrabExpress?

GrabExpress allows you to safely deliver a parcel to a recipient with insurance of up to P10,000.

Aside from parcel deliveries, you can use the GrabAssistant feature for Pabili or Papila tasks.

If you are a seller, Grab also offers Cash on Delivery but will require the additional trip to bring the payment to you.

However, the service is limited only to Metro Manila and Cebu.


What are the modes of payment for Grab bookings?

Grab allows the user to pay using their GrabPay Wallet, debit or credit card, and even through cash.

Take note that GrabPay offers the most convenience and even huge discounts by using promo codes, especially for new users.

Can I schedule my Grab ride?

Yes, you can immediately book a Grab ride for a scheduled ride even 7 days in advance by tapping the Later option.

It saves you the hassle of waiting too long for your ride when you book as you leave.

Can I book Grab online?

Yes, you can book Grab online only through the official Android or iOS app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Remember to have good Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to avoid problems in using the app.

It’s best to have mobile data, especially when using Grab Transport.

Can I check Grab fare before booking?

Yes, you can not only preview the total cost of your trip but also select the best option for your Grab ride, whether you want more savings or more convenience.

You can always check the Grab fare before you confirm your booking.

Can I cancel my Grab booking?

Yes, you can always cancel your Grab booking, but note that it only makes sense if the Grad driver or rider isn’t near you or no one has yet accepted your booking.

If you make too many cancellations of Grab booking, it can result in your account being suspended temporarily before you can book again after a few days.

What time is Grab the cheapest?

Grab will be the cheapest at a time when there is greater availability of drivers or riders compared to the demand of app users.

It may differ per location and from day to day, as you can never fully guess when the demand will peak.

Expect to pay more for your Grab bookings during peak hours, so consider booking in advance to get a guaranteed price range.


Grab is a versatile app for all your transport needs, whether food, essential orders, parcels, or going to your destination.

Make sure to download the app and be on the lookout for Grab Promo Codes, which you can use the next time you book Grab.

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