Where to Pay BPI Credit Card: 3 Ways

Credit cards allow us to expedite our payments and even make large purchases even if we do not have cash on hand.

But we cannot rely on our credit card to make automatic payments to itself before the due date comes.

If you want to know how to pay BPI credit card online, read more details below.

Where and How to Pay BPI Credit Card?

There are three options on how to pay BPI credit cards online and in-person:

Via BPI Mobile App

Step 1: Open the mobile app on your smartphone and tap your BPI credit card in the menu

Step 2: Select Pay Card

Step 3: Choose which account you’d like to use to pay from, input the amount and tap Next

Step 4: Confirm if the amount and other details are correct

Step 5: You should see a message which indicates that your payment was successful

BPI credit card payment through BPI mobile app

Via BPI Branch

Step 1: Search for the nearest BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank using the online branch locator

Step 2: Go to the branch and fill out the payment form

Step 3: Process your payment by transacting over the counter

You can also pay using a check by making it payable to the format BPI, 020100-xxxxxxxxxx (your account number).

Via Third-Party channels

Step 1: Make e-wallets your first option in paying your credit card bill

Step 2: Look for the Pay Bills section and select or search the issuing bank

Step 3: Provide all required details such as account name, account number, and payment amount

Step 4: Verify that you have entered the correct details and confirm your transaction

You can personally go to other payment channels are 7-Eleven stores, Bayad Center, Cebuana Lhuillier, ECPay partner outlets, and SM Payment Counters.

How to see your BPI credit card balance and due date

To check your BPI credit card balance and the last day for dues, you can visit the BPI website and go to Credit Cards under My Accounts.

You can also use the BPI app and download your BPI Statement of Account with the corresponding Statement Date under Other Services.

SMS inquiry will also work for checking your balance if you are a Globe or TM subscriber by just texting BALCC <space> (credit card number) and sending it to 2274.

Late payment fees for BPI Credit Card

In case you fail to pay your credit card payments on time, you must pay either the amount of PhP 850 or the portion of the minimum amount due that is still unpaid, whichever is lower.

Don’t forget that the late fee is on top of your total outstanding balance, which is equal to the minimum unpaid due if it does not exceed PHP 850.

However, you get to pay at least PhP 850 minimum amount due if you have a total outstanding balance greater than PHP 850.

What is the BPI credit card?

BPI Credit Card currently offers ten types of credit cards with different perks.

One of them is the BPI Visa Signature Card that already earns 1 point for just a PHP 20 spend, with the bonus of travel insurance worth up to 20 million pesos and a 50% discount on special deals.

Another is the BPI Amore Platinum Cashback Card with up to 4% cashback, access to the lounge, and free parking tickets at Ayala Malls.

More specific for target customers is the Petron-BPI Mastercard with 3% fuel rebates that allow installments up to 36 months and instant cash.


BPI Credit Cards give you more freedom on your expenses and even bonus perks you can enjoy year-round.

Pay on time and save time from the line by paying your monthly dues online.

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