How to Use BPI Credit Card Points: Free Gift Cards!

BPI offers several credit cards depending on your lifestyle and spending needs.

You earn points for different types of transactions which you can exchange for a wide selection of freebies.

If you want to know more about this, read below.

What are the BPI credit card points?

BPI credit card points

Credit card points are present in most credit cards including BPI. This is a rewards program that gives users points with qualifying purchases using the card. In return, they can cash out their points through discounts, cash vouchers and more.

What are BPI Real Thrills Rewards?

BPI RTR is the rewards program of BPI for its credit cardholders, where RTR points can be automatically earned and exchanged for awesome shopping gift certificates, miles, dining certificates, and even investments, charity donations, and card membership payments.

Depending on your specific credit card type, you are either enrolled in the RTR Regular or RTR Premium with their respective rewards catalog.

Where can you use your BPI credit card points?

You need to redeem an item from the RTR catalog before using your points.

Upon receiving the claimed rewards item either by mail, SMS, or electronic mail, you can spend it in establishments such as SM, Power Mac Center, Starbucks, J.CO, Rustan’s, and more.

You can check the complete list at

How to Check BPI Credit Card Points? (Steps)

Before you can use your credit card points, you must first check how much you’ve accumulated. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open your BPI app and tap your credit card tab

How to check BPI credit card points

Step 2: Select “My Statements”

Step 3: Chooses your BPI credit card account and select the date range

Step 4: Your statement will be downloaded on your device and you’ll see your points below the activities

How to use BPI credit card points? (Steps)

Follow these steps on how to use BPI credit card points:

Step 1: Spend at least P50 for any transaction regardless of your credit card.

Step 2: Accumulate more points by using your credit card for utility bills, grocery shopping, and other expenses.

Step 3: Visit if you are a regular member or if you are a premium member.

Step 4: Check available gift items under Shopping, Miles, Dining, Investments, Charities, Card Membership, and even Premium Exclusives.

Step 5: Take note of the gift item code, card, or customer number and the number of gifts you want to redeem.

Step 6: Call the BPI Contact Center, your Branch or Relationship Manager, or any nearest BPI branch to redeem your rewards.

Step 7: Wait for 7 to 15 banking days to receive your rewards gift.

You can also send an email to to redeem rewards items by writing Rewards Redemption as the subject and including your name, customer number, item code, and points to be converted in the message.

Can I call BPI for Real Thrills Rewards inquiries?

Yes, you can reach BPI by calling (+632) 889-10000 or (+632) 1-800-188-89-100 (toll-free) if you are in the Philippines, or (+632) 889-10000 if you are abroad.

How much do I need to spend to earn RTR points?

If you have the BPI Blue Mastercard, Gold Mastercard, or e-Credit Mastercard, you need a minimum purchase of P35 per transaction.

If you have the BPI Edge Mastercard, Corporate Classic, or Corporate Mastercard, spending at least P50 will earn you 1 point

Premium Rewards for the BPI Platinum Rewards Mastercard needs P30 or P20 when a USD purchase is converted for 1 point, while BPI Visa Signature Card only needs P20 minimum spend to earn 1 point.

Can you convert it to cash?

No, you cannot convert your BPI credit card points to cash as they can only be used to redeem items in the Real Thrills Rewards Catalog.

Do BPI credit card points expire?

No, your points don’t expire and can be redeemed as long as you are in good standing.

You can wait for overtime to accumulate more points to have more choices in redeeming gifts from the RTR catalog.

Can I send my BPI credit card points to my family and friends?

No, your BPI credit card points are not transferable to other accounts.

Practically, there’s one exception, though: points earned by supplementary cardholders will go directly to the principal cardholder.

Unless you are spending millions using your credit card, your points are likely to be enjoyed by just you, as it is intended to be.

Will my BPI credit card points devalue?

The last time that BPI updated the required number of points to redeem rewards items was on July 01, 2021.

It is unlikely for the rewards catalog to update soon, but rising interest rates by the BSP and the overall outlook of the Philippine economy may prompt changes.

Which of the BPI Real Thrills Rewards items have the most value?

The investment trust funds or mutual funds have the highest value in terms of equivalent real-world value of the points.

That’s even more true if you redeem either of them under the Real Thrills Rewards Premium.

But the thing that has the most value for one user may not be the same for others.

Let’s consider the updated number of Real Thrills Rewards Points from the original values before July 01, 2021. The items in the Premium catalog have the slightest increase in the points requirements.

Whichever rewards item you will pick, choose the one you will use.

What is the RTR item I can redeem for the lowest number of points?

For the Premium RTR program, you can claim P100 donations to charities with just 600 points.

On the other hand, you need 1200 points for the same items if you are redeeming under the Regular RTR program.

Though you can get your membership fee for free if you know the art of how to get it waived, that is by asking nicely.

Your beneficiaries include BPI Foundation, Caritas Manila, Children’s Hour, Habitat for Humanity, Smile Train, Friends of Hope, Inc., Bantay Bata Foundation, World Vision Development Foundation, Inc., and SOS Children’s Villages Philippines.

Does BPI offer credit cards to business owners?

Because offering credit cards to Filipinos is a business in the Philippines, issuers actively look for new credit cardholders.

If you are a business owner with frequent dealings with your bank, you will most likely be offered not only a credit line but also business loans.

It would help if you took advantage of such offers to improve your credit score for better business deals.

Is there a credit card law in the Philippines?

Yes, it was only recently passed in 2016, and nothing much has changed except for a closer oversight by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Credit cards have been recognized as having an essential role in the financial growth of the Philippine economy.

You could save more money when buying the most expensive items if you could closely watch the promos offered by credit card companies.

It is also a way to further build or rebuild your credit for other valuable purposes.


BPI gives you perks for using your credit card for everyday transactions here in the Philippines and abroad.

Use your credit card more for safe and secure transactions and redeem your rewards.

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