How to Buy Load in Shopee: Step-by-Step Guide

We all know that you can buy almost everything you need on Shopee from electronics to grocery and household items.

Shopee also offers digital products such as mobile load and data, gift cards, and game vouchers.

Find out how to purchase mobile load and mobile data on Shopee by reading the rest of this article.

How to buy load in Shopee

Buying load on the Shopee app is very straightforward. Just follow these steps below:

Step 1: Open your Shopee app and log in to your account.

Step 2: On the home page, look for and tap on the “Load, Bills & Travel” icon.

Step 3: Select “Buy Load” under the “Top Up” category.

Step 4: Choose your telco provider. You can buy load for DITO, Globe, ™, Smart, TNT, and Cherry.

Step 5: Once you have selected the correct telco provider, enter the phone number you wish to top up with mobile load.

Step 6: Select the amount you want to top up. Shopee often has flash deals that allow users to buy load at a discounted rate.

Step 7: Press the “Checkout” button.

Step 8: Confirm the details of your transaction. Make sure the telco provider, phone number, and load amount is correct.

Step 9: Select your payment option. You can also use vouchers and Shopee coins to get a discount on your order.

Step 10: Once you have confirmed the details, select “Pay Now.”

Step 11: Wait for the confirmation text message.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What payment methods can I use to buy load?

You can use the following payment channels: ShopeePay, Credit or Debit Card, SPayLater, Payment Center or e-Wallet, Over-the-counter, and Online Banking.

Are there additional fees when buying load?

Shopee does not charge transaction fees for load purchases.

How do I top up my ShopeePay wallet?

To top up your ShopeePay wallet, go to your wallet inside the app and select “Cash in.” You will see which payment methods you can use to fund your wallet.

How come I did not get a confirmation text message or the load top-up?

If you did not get a confirmation message or your load did not increase, the transaction most likely failed. You might have lost internet connection while the top-up was processing or there could have been a system error on Shopee’s end.

What do I do if I did not receive the load but the payment went through?

There might have been a network error. First, try contacting Shopee’s support agents by going to their “Chat with Shopee” feature. A live agent should be able to assist you.

If the error was not with Shopee, you can try contacting the bank or e-wallet that you used to pay for your load.

How do I use Shopee coins to get discounts on load?

You can earn Shopee coins by playing their in-app games or through coins cashback on your other Shopee purchases. Shopee can be redeemed on the checkout page when you buy load.


You can buy load on Shopee from the comfort of your own home without going to the convenience store or sari-sari store. Using Shopee for load top-ups can help you save money as well.

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