How to Cancel Foodpanda Order: Full Steps

Foodpanda makes it easy to get the food you want from a restaurant right to your doorstep.

The app also allows you to cancel your order before processing your order.

If you want to know how to cancel a foodpanda order, check out the details below.

What are the valid reasons to cancel a foodpanda order?

What are the valid reasons to cancel a foodpanda order

Foodpanda doesn’t enumerate any valid reason for canceling your food order. Order cancelation only applies as long as the food merchant has not yet accepted your order.

However, you can cancel an order and get a refund if you could place an order even though you are in an out of coverage area, at foodpanda’s expense.

Other than those reasons, your account may negatively be affected by order cancelations due to non-appearance or refusal to accept the order.

How to cancel an order in foodpanda Philippines

Follow these steps on how to cancel your order in foodpanda:

Step 1: Open the foodpanda app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Tap the menu icon on the upper left corner of the screen.

How to cancel Foodpanda order 1

Step 3: Click on Help Center.

How to cancel Foodpanda order 2

Step 4: Select My Orders.

How to cancel Foodpanda order 3

Step 5: Tap on Can I cancel my order?

Step 6: Choose the reason and click the Confirm button.

Step 7: Click Yes, then the Close button.

You can cancel your order if the merchant has not yet accepted it.

Another option is to use the in-app chat feature of foodpanda to assist you.

How to cancel pick up an order in foodpanda

If you have a cancelation for a pickup order, it follows the same steps as above.

You can also chat with a customer support agent using the chat feature of the foodpanda app.

What happens if I cancel my foodpanda order?

If you can cancel your foodpanda order before it gets processed by the merchant, there would be no problem.

On the other hand, if you cancel your order even if the food merchant is already preparing it, it will not be delivered, but you will not receive your money back.

However, if your order gets canceled for other reasons, check out what happens in the following sections below.

What happens if I do not claim my foodpanda order?

If you failed to get your order within 10 minutes after the delivery rider arrived at your location, the order would get canceled, but your payment will not be refunded.

But if you happen to have a cash-on-delivery order and failed to claim it, foodpanda may disable the COD feature on your account for all future orders.

This means that you will need to pay upfront for all orders to avoid this kind of situation in the future.

How do I get the refund for my canceled order in foodpanda?

If you are eligible for a refund for your order, you can get your money back either through the foodpanda Pay Account as the default method or back to your online payment method.

Take note that additional information may be requested by foodpanda to process your refund.

Can I cancel an order if the food has foreign items?

If you find weird stuff from your food, take a picture and contact customer support immediately.

Your order will not be canceled, but a refund will be provided to you instead.

Can I cancel my order if delivery takes too long?

Foodpanda can only provide an estimated time for delivering your orders and cannot guarantee an exact time like fast-food chains.

You may even receive your food delivery faster, but it can also get delayed due to practical reasons such as the volume of orders and traffic conditions.

The only important thing is that you should be available to receive your order asap, or the delivery rider should be able to contact you.

If not, your order will get canceled without a refund.

Can I get a refund if special instructions are not followed?

No, you cannot get a refund if your specific request is not followed by the food merchant.

One reason is that your special instruction is not possible or unreasonable.

A few examples are:

  • You want a gluten-free bread from a burger fast-food chain when they only have one type of bun or they do not offer gluten-free bread on their menu
  • You are asking to remove the patty from your burger and get it replaced with other ingredients instead of just excluding it
  • You want pizza but without the crust

If you have allergens, though, you should contact the merchant first before placing an order to avoid any untoward incidents.

What is MOV in foodpanda?

MOV means minimum order value, which means the least amount you are required to spend to proceed with a purchase.

The MOV can be different with various merchants, and you pay either it or your order amount, whichever is higher.

How much is the delivery fee in foodpanda?

There is a delivery fee of P19 to P79 or more when ordering through foodpanda, but this may change.

If you choose pick up though, there will be no fees.

Can minors order from foodpanda?

If you are below 18 years of age, you can still use the foodpanda app, provided that you have permission from your parent or guardian.

Why can’t I order from my favorite restaurant?

There may be rare instances wherein you cannot find a food vendor in the foodpanda app when you are about to order food.

One possible reason is that the delivery coverage area changed due to traffic conditions, weather, or other unforeseeable circumstances.

That’s why foodpanda requests your address so that delivery can be guaranteed.


Foodpanda is your buddy for food trips at home, so you can always enjoy your restaurant favorites.

As a responsible customer, you should only cancel orders responsibly and when they are not yet being processed.

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