What is Cash Handling in Lalamove: Ultimate Guide

The innovation of technology has changed the way people live.

In the past years, you have to take in charge of almost everything, you go to the grocery to buy food, look for medicines on drug stores, pay bills on long queques – not until delivery platforms came in.

Now, you can do all these daily errands without leaving your home, all you need is an app and a delivery platform you can trust on.

What is Cash Handling in Lalamove?

Lalamove, one of the fast growing and trusted delivery platforms in the Philippines is now taking every hassle for you.

Lalamove is not only limited to deliveries but it also provides other useful and convenient services that cater to both business and personal needs.

They extend the coverage to Cash Handling and Purchase Service.

They can help you with payments and handling large amounts of cash with their Cash Handling feature.

Another feature is the Purchase Service where you can ask the delivery partner to buy the things you need using their money and then pay the amount in form of COD.

How does cash handling work in Lalamove?

Cash handling charge additional P30.00 – If you’re waiting for someone’s payment or you want to deposit cash into local bank, Lalamove’s cash handling may be worth considering.

The rider will collect the money from you, then have it delivered to your requested location, and this goes vise-versa.

Lalamove cash handling vs purchase service

Cash Handling, also known as “Pera Padala,” is a unique feature of Lalamove that allows you to request to a partner driver send money to someone you specify.

This also applies to the partner driver, who can pick up money for you.

  • Cheque deposits at banks

Get rid time consuming lines when doing transactions on banks because Lalamove can handle cash handling transactions for you.

With this Lalamove feature, your partner drivers can collect and deposit money for you, and it goes vise-versa.

Purchase Service is a special feature of Lalamove wherein you can ask the delivery driver to buy the things you need, and then pay them through COD.

  • Purchasing medications

With Lalamove’s Purchase or “Pabili” Service, one can order essential supplies such as medicines from a pharmacy of one’s choice or send them to relatives, coworkers, and friends.

For purchases of up to P2,000, you can pay in advance or send a Lalamove driver to the pharmacy and use the Cash on Delivery option.

You can do this with other essentials you might need such as food, medicines, and other necessitites.

Lalamove Cash Handling limit

There is no stated cash handling limit for Lalamove customer and delivery partner.

It’s between the negotiation of the customer and the delivery partner or rider.

If you’re too busy to pay bills or send money to your loved ones Lalamove can do it for you.

No need to get stressed with long queues in banks or payment centers.

No need to go outside and buy your necessities.

You can ask your deliver partner to do all these tasks for you.

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