How to Cash Out Lalamove Wallet: 4 Easy Steps

If you want to withdraw your money from Lalamove Wallet, we’ve got you covered.

The process is easy and you can follow along in this guide.

Can I withdraw my Lalamove wallet?

Yes, you can withdraw cash from your Lalamove wallet. To do this, just like in other apps with e-Wallets, you need to be verified first. You need to go to the Help Center, then General Support, Live Chat, and type KYC.

Once you find the link to the KYC form, select whether you are from Manila or Cebu then proceed to complete the details.

This verification process is important regardless of the method of cash out that you will choose.

How do I withdraw money from Lalamove wallet?

There are several ways to convert your e-money into real cash but first, you need to transfer your e-Wallet fund from Lalamove into another bank or e-money app.

If you do not know yet how to cash out lalamove wallet, kindly follow these steps:

Step 1: Make sure you have filled out the Bank Card Information in your e-Wallet.

Step 2: Click on Cashout then type the amount you need and click confirm.

How to cash out Lalamove wallet 1

Step 3: Wait for 2-3 days for Lalamove to get back to you via chat.

Step 4: Accomplish the instructions provided by the Lalamove agent.

How to cash out Lalamove wallet 2

You might need to wait for additional days before Lalamove can complete the transfer so it is better if you will withdraw your money in higher amounts.

Once the fund from Lalamove is in your bank account or another app, you can follow their respective steps in withdrawing your physical money in ATM machines or partner outlets.

Can I transfer Lalamove wallet to GCash?

Yes, delivery partners and customers of Lalamove can cash out Lalamove wallet to their GCash account.

You should follow the previously mentioned cash out process but this time, you will need to complete the GCash KYC process.

Try to cash out a small amount at first then repeat the cash out process in case your first attempt is unsuccessful.

You should be prepared to wait for at least 1 day before the fund is credited to your GCash account.

Moreover, Lalamove partner riders can avail of GCash Mastercard to withdraw their money in ATMs nationwide.


Is there an alternative way for Lalamove drivers to cash out?

Lalamove drivers can get cash by utilizing the existing cash on the delivery option of Lalamove.

Instead of giving cash as a payment to the sender of goods, they can use their e-wallet to send money, so they will practically receive cash from the recipient of delivery with payment.

The driver will not need to cash out as well if they can request cash on delivery instead of in-app payment.

Is there an extra fee for cash on delivery in Lalamove?

Yes, there is a P30 cash handling fee for customers, but you may need to pay an additional P50 or P60 Purchase Service fee if there is a waiting time.

Note that there is a maximum amount of P2000 allowed for COD, and some riders may not be able to accept a delivery request if they do not have cash on hand.

Suppose you are a business that needs delivery service for many customers. In that case, Lalamove also has a Queueing Service wherein the rider can drop off items for 18 different customers, and you can still get cash at the end of the trip.

Do I need to be verified to use Lalamove?

Upon downloading, you can immediately use the Lalamove app by just verifying your mobile number.

In this way, you can always use the Lalamove app when you are in a hurry.

What items are not accepted in Lalamove?

According to the terms and conditions of Lalamove, you cannot send illegal or contraband items or living things except for plants, chemicals, or dangerous goods.

However, Lalamove will only open and inspect a package after there is a failure to deliver or return it to an appropriate address.

Does Lalamove provide insurance for the package being delivered?

No, Lalamove is not responsible for the loss or destruction of goods being delivered because the service contract is between a user and a driver.

However, the driver must pay the user if a package entrusted to him is lost or destroyed.

Remember that a maximum amount can be covered depending on the mode of delivery: P2,000 for motorcycle, P3,000 for 4-wheeled vehicles, or P1,000 for Lala Jeep.

Because of this, it is better to avail of COD sometimes, but you can always check the rating of the delivery rider.

Can the delivery driver inspect the package being delivered?

Practically, no, because a package should be well-packed, and a delivery driver is not required to do inspections before delivery.

He must also take care of the package until it reaches the authorized person.

What happens to the package in case of unexpected events?

If a package in transit gets affected by force majeure, it may be delivered late or not at all.

The delivery driver does not have responsibility for such a situation, so avoid making deliveries when calamities such as flash floods or typhoons are likely.

As a good measure, wrap your package with plastic or sealed bags to avoid water damage, especially during the rainy season.


In-app wallets give you the convenience of paying for services but the situation is opposite for delivery riders.

Payments that are not in COD will either be spent using another e-payment app or just remain unused.

Therefore, if the money is just sitting there and not even earning interest – better cash out your Lalamove wallet now.

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