How to Pay PLDT Using UnionBank Online

With online banking, you can pay all your utility bills from the comfort of your own home. You also don’t have to make any additional transfers to e-wallets or other accounts since you can deduct the bill amount directly from your preferred bank account. If you are a UnionBank account holder, you can pay your … Read more

How to Get Bank Statement from UnionBank

Keeping record of all the activity that goes on in your bank account is helpful for avoiding scams and detecting fraudulent transactions in a timely manner. Bank records, such as bank statements, are also required for travel purposes when you are applying for a foreign Visa. If you are a UnionBank account holder that needs … Read more

How to Pay UnionBank Quick Loan

For those who do not have any credit cards or are unable to get credit card approval, it can be challenging to find flexible payment options. It is much easier to get approved for a personal loan compared to a credit card. UnionBank offers personal loans to their account holders that have minimal requirements and … Read more

How to Activate UnionBank ATM card

Unlike most other banks, UnionBank makes it convenient for customers to apply for and open an account with them. You can open an account on the UnionBank website or app and submit all your documents online. They will even send you your UnionBank ATM card through door-to-door delivery. Of course, if you still prefer the … Read more

How to Transfer Money From UnionBank to GCash

Some merchants, especially small businesses, may not accept credit or debit cards as forms of payment since they do not have the infrastructure or systems in place. Most of them do, however, accept GCash now since it is more accessible to Filipinos compared to bank accounts. If you have an account with UnionBank but need … Read more

How to Link GCash to UnionBank (Easy Guide)

Having a GCash account makes all your financial transactions simpler and faster. Using GCash is also a much safer option since it allows for contactless payments. It’s easier to fund your GCash wallet and cash in if you have a linked bank account or linked PayPal account. This is good news for UnionBank account holders … Read more

Where to Pay UnionBank Credit Card (4 Ways)

Unionbank has two main credit card offerings, which are the PlayEveryday card that earns points for retail purchases, and the Miles Platinum card that earns points redeemable for travel and airline miles. They are both popular credit cards because of the perks that come with them. If you are a Unionbank credit card holder and … Read more

How to Transfer Money from BPI to BDO

Thanks to online banking, transferring money from one bank to another has become easier than ever. You don’t have to wait in line at the bank or at the ATM just to make a withdrawal and then line up again to make a deposit at the other bank. Keep reading this article to know about … Read more

How to Waive the Annual Fee for BPI Credit Card

Credit cards are useful financial products that will help you to improve your cash flow and buy the things you need and want right away. If you are a cardholder or are applying for credit cards, you probably have to pay an annual fee. To learn more about annual fees and how to waive them, … Read more

How to Know if a BPI Account is Still Active

Did you know that bank accounts can become inactive or dormant? This happens when you do not have any activity or transactions in a long time. Bank accounts, especially under traditional banks like the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), need activity such as deposits or withdrawals to remain active and avoid dormancy fees. If … Read more