How to Cancel BPI Credit Card: Complete Steps

How to cancel BPI credit card

No matter how important our credit card is to you, the time will come that you would need to cancel it. Whether you are not using your card anymore or you have developed unhealthy spending habits, you can voluntarily cancel your BPI credit card. If you want to know how to cancel your BPI credit … Read more

How to Open BPI Account: Complete Guide

How to open BPI account

BPI is one of the top banks in the Philippines with the highest amount of assets. You know that your money is more secure when a well-known bank handles it. If you want to know how to open a BPI account, read more on the details below. Different types of accounts in BPI BPI offers … Read more

How to Pay SSS Online Using BPI: Step-by-Step Guide

How to pay SSS online BPI

You can pay your SSS contributions without going to your branch by just using the BPI app. SSS has directly partnered with BPI so you can be sure that your payments will be secure. If you want to know how to pay SSS online through BPI, check out this article. Can you pay SSS contribution … Read more

How to Transfer Money from BPI to BPI Account

How to transfer money from BPI to BPI

You can quickly transfer funds to other BPI accounts, whether it belongs to a family member, a friend, or a business partner or contractor. BPI has made it easier to transfer money through QR codes, but manually entering the account number is still an option. If you want to know how to transfer money from … Read more

How to Activate BPI Credit Card: 3 Easy Steps

How to activate BPI credit card

Having your first credit card is one thing, but activating it is the next step before using it in making transactions. Activating your BPI credit card takes just a minute of your time. If you want to know how to activate a BPI credit card, read more details in this article. Why do I need … Read more

How to Change Mobile Number in BPI: Full Guide

How to change mobile number in BPI

Your mobile number serves as the main point of notification and verification for your banking transactions. You can change this anytime, especially when it concerns account security. If you want to know how to change your mobile number in BPI, check the article below. Why do I need to update my BPI mobile number? You … Read more

Where to Pay BPI Credit Card: 3 Ways

How to pay BPI credit card online

Credit cards allow us to expedite our payments and even make large purchases even if we do not have cash on hand. But we cannot rely on our credit card to make automatic payments to itself before the due date comes. If you want to know how to pay BPI credit card online, read more … Read more

How to Use BPI Credit Card Points: Free Gift Cards!

How to use BPI credit card points

BPI offers several credit cards depending on your lifestyle and spending needs. You earn points for different types of transactions which you can exchange for a wide selection of freebies. If you want to know more about this, read below. What are the BPI credit card points? Credit card points are present in most credit … Read more

How to Link BPI Account to GCash: Complete Guide

How to link BPI account to GCash

GCash allows you to link your bank accounts not only for convenience but also for upgraded wallet size. You get to save transfer fees from BPI and get five times the wallet limit. If you want to link a BPI account to GCash, continue reading this article. Why do I need to link BPI to … Read more

How to Generate QR Code BPI Mobile: Full Guide

How to generate QR code BPI

Sending money to bank accounts using QR codes provides convenience and avoids the wrong entry of account details. BPI has this nifty QR code feature and can also send money to other banks with QR codes. If you want to know how to generate QR codes in BPI Mobile, check out this article. What is … Read more