How to Link PayMaya Card: Full Guide

Did you just get your PayMaya card? Before you can use it, you need to link it to the PayMaya app. Here’s how. Do I need to link PayMaya Physical Card? You need to link your PayMaya physical card to the app to activate it. In doing so, you can set your PIN and start … Read more

How to Pay Home Credit via PayMaya

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How to Pay NBI Using PayMaya

An NBI clearance is an essential document for employment, traveling abroad, proof of identity, making changes in your legal documents, and proof that you are not involved in any illegal or criminal activities. If you primarily use PayMaya for your bill’s payment and online transactions, you can also conveniently use the app to pay for … Read more

How to Cash in PayMaya in 7-Eleven

Digital wallets like PayMaya are useful and convenient for online transactions and even in-store. You don’t have to worry about carrying a heavy coin purse in your pocket or losing your wallet. If there is a 7-Eleven store near where you live or work, you can cash in and top up your PayMaya wallet there. … Read more

How to be a PayMaya Merchant: Beginner’s Guide

PayMaya is a financial app and e-wallet that allows you to send money and pay bills seamlessly with just your smartphone. For business owners and entrepreneurs, PayMaya is also a useful tool for accepting and processing payments from customers.  In this article, you’ll find detailed information on the requirements for becoming a PayMaya merchant and … Read more

How to Pay Converge using PayMaya

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How to Get Free PayMaya Vouchers: 3 Ways

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What is PayMaya Account Number: Full Guide

What is my PayMaya account number? Are you about to do a transaction and don’t know what this is? Here’s a quick guide that explains everything. What is the PayMaya Account Number? The PayMaya account number refers to your 11-digit PayMaya-registered mobile number. For example, it can look like this – 09753258630 Many confuse it … Read more

How to Check PayMaya Transaction History

Do you want to see the past transactions you made in PayMaya? Maybe you need it for business or budgeting purposes. Whatever the case is, you’ll learn how to check your transaction history here. What is the PayMaya Transaction History? The transaction history in PayMaya is where users can find all the actions they did … Read more

How to Send Money from PayMaya to Smart Padala

Smart Padala has existed since 2004 in the Philippines as a remittance service of Smart Communications. There is an advantage in sending money through Smart Padala if you have a PayMaya account. If you want to know how to send money from PayMaya to Smart Padala, check out all of the details in this article. … Read more