How to Change Picture in GCash: Easy Steps

Are you tired of that blank gray profile picture that you always see on GCash?

Maybe you’ve tried changing it to your photo but don’t know how to do it.

Fret not, we’ve come with good news as you can now do it easily. Simply follow the steps in this guide and you’re good to go.  

How to Change Picture in GCash (Steps)

To change your profile picture in GCash, you’ll need access to your contacts and change it from there.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Logout your GCash account first and go to your contacts on your phone

Step 2: Add your number to your contacts if you haven’t already and tap the Add Photo

Step 3: Select your photo from your gallery or take a picture

Step 4: Log in to your GCash account and go to Profile

How to put picture in GCash

You should now be able to see your new profile picture in GCash. If the picture hasn’t been updated, log out and log in to your GCash again.

How to Remove Picture in GCash

If you want to remove your profile picture in GCash, follow the steps above. Go to your contacts and into your mobile number. Remove your profile photo and it should be reflected in your GCash app.  

Why Change Your Picture in GCash?

The profile picture in GCash is purely for customization purposes only. Your picture will not show up when another user sends money to you.

GCash respects the user’s privacy but also wants them to use the app more. So, one way to make your user experience incredible is to personalize your GCash account.

But we noticed that if you add a photo of a contact you have saved on your phone, it will show up when sending money in GCash.

For instance, you have the number of your spouse or family member saved. You can add their photo and it will show up when you send money to them.


How many times can I change my picture in GCash?

There’s no limit to how many times you can change your profile picture in GCash. So, you can change it as often as you want.

Can I directly change my picture in GCash?

No, as of now, there’s no direct way to do this. But the indirect way is easy enough to do as we listed the steps above.

Why can’t I edit my GCash profile?

If you can’t edit your GCash profile, it means that you haven’t verified your GCash account. Verify your GCash now to change your picture and access all the features.

Can I send GCash anonymously?

When you send money from GCash to another GCash user, they will only see your name and GCash-registered mobile number. But when you do a bank transfer, the recipient will not see who sent it.


Changing your GCash profile picture is a fun way to personalize your account. A picture allows you to engage with your account more than just a blank picture like most users.

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