How to Pay Converge Using GCash in 2 Minutes

Converge ICT provides reliable internet connection whether we need it for entertainment, education, convenience in our homes, and business operations.

We also need a reliable payment solution to ensure that we do not get disconnected from the service.

Read this guide if you want to know how to pay Converge using GCash.

What is Converge?

Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. is a new player in the internet connectivity industry that utilizes the power of Fiber Optics technology to deliver fast internet speeds.

It offers unlimited internet promos very affordably to residential and business customers.

Service tiers are available from 50 Mbps to as high as 800 Mbps.

Converge also offers cable TV and live channels for a small monthly fee of 299 pesos, where you can watch straight on your phone, tablet, or TV.

It also allows you to watch shows aired seven days ago, rewind or pause live TV, and watch from many devices simultaneously.

How to Pay Converge Using GCash

Here are the steps on how to pay Converge using a GCash account:

Step 1: Open your GCash app.

Step 2: Go to Pay Bills and select Cable/Internet.

Step 3: Search or scroll down to Converge ICT.

Step 4: Enter your 13-digit account number, account name, amount, and email (optional).

Step 5: Check the details once again and click Confirm.

Step 6: Wait for the confirmation message that your payment is successful.

It is an excellent habit to download a copy of the payment receipt, but you can also take a screenshot and view the transaction history.

GCash to Converge Service Fee

The service charge on top of your bill only costs a very low amount of 7 pesos.

It is not immediately shown before you confirm your payment, but it’s always a good measure to have an extra amount on your GCash app.

Any transaction will not proceed if your GCash fund is lower than the actual bill amount plus the service charge.

Can I pay overdue converge thru GCash?

If you are wondering how to pay Converge using GCash if your bill is already overdue, the answer is yes, you definitely can.

GCash accepts payment for other overdue bills, making it a very reliable bills payment service provider.

Are there other ways to pay for my Converge internet bill?

If you do not have a GCash account yet, other ways to pay your Converge bill are still available.

The first option is using a Visa, MasterCard, JCB, or American Express Card, where your monthly payment can be automated by applying for an auto-debit facility.

Other online bill payment methods include BDO, PayMaya, AUB/HelloMoney, and BPI.

Authorized payment outlets are 7-Eleven, Cebuana Lhuiller, ECPay, SM City Clark and Pampanga, Gemmary Pawnshop and Jewellery, USSC, and Pay&Go.

You can also pay Over-the-Counter through Asia United Bank, RCBC, BDO, and UnionBank.


GCash has an extensive network of billers nationwide, making it the go-to for paying bills.

Paying your Converge ICT bill via GCash is very convenient and affordable.

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