How to Delete BPI Online Account: Easy Guide

Accessing your BPI accounts online provides the most excellent convenience in managing them.

You can easily add and delete your accounts whether you have a reason or not.

If you want to know how to delete your BPI online account, check out all of the details in this article.

Why do I need to delete my BPI Online account?

If you have too many accounts enrolled for online banking, it may cause you confusion if you aren’t using or monitoring them anyway.

Another reason could be that your account was compromised, and you want to ensure the strictest security measure possible.

Either way, you can delete an enrolled account in BPI Online or start with a new BPI online account.

How to delete an Account in BPI Online

Note that you can only do this using a web browser. Follow these steps to delete one BPI account in the app simply:

Step 1: Log in to your BPI Online account in the BPI online website.

Step 2: Go to My Accounts and click the Manage My Accounts button.

Step 3: Request your OTP and enter it.

Step 4: Untick the boxes to exclude a given account from immediate online access.

Step 5: Click the Save button.

You can now see the changes once you open the My Accounts section again.

How to Delete BPI Online Account

Follow these steps if you want to delete the entire BPI Online account:

Step 1: Go to this site.

Step 2: Click the Lock My Access or directly go to this site.

Step 3: Provide your BPI Online username.

Step 4: Select between Debit Card, Credit Card, or Deposit Account Number, which you need to enter.

Step 5: Tap the Lock My Access.

Step 6: Go to your BPI branch or call the BPI Contact Center at (+632) 889-10000 to request the deactivation of your username.

Step 7: Re-enroll again for BPI Online.

Locking your access means you can’t log in to the BPI Online or BPI Mobile app using your account to do any transaction.

If you want to close your BPI account for good, check out the next section.

How to close my BPI account

Follow these instructions on how to close a BPI account:

Step 1: Visit your account branch.

Step 2: Bring a valid ID and materials connected to your accounts, such as a passbook and checkbook.

Step 3: Follow any additional instructions by the BPI staff.

Alternatively, you can withdraw all the funds from your account so that it may automatically be closed by BPI at its discretion.


Is it better to enroll my account in BPI Online?

Yes, it is good to have a BPI Online account because you can better monitor your accounts.

Besides, it can provide advanced security features to your account, such as fingerprint or face ID login, mobile key, and transaction confirmation email.

Can I have 2 BPI Online accounts?

Although you can create another BPI Online account using another email, it may create confusion or problems later.

It is better to maintain just one account under your name because you can add all your BPI accounts there anyway.

Note that before you can enroll the duplicate BPI accounts to BPI Online, you need to deactivate your account first.

Therefore, BPI accounts can only be enrolled under one BPI Online account, so creating more than one online account wouldn’t make sense.

Is my phone linked to my BPI account?

Using the BPI Mobile app, you can link your device to your BPI account.

By doing so, financial transactions can be successfully processed or approved through that device.

The first device linked to your BPI account will be considered the primary device.

Can I link more than one device to my BPI account?

You can link another device, such as a phone or a tablet, to your BPI account.

You need to log in to that device through the BPI Mobile app and verify the device using OTP or Mobile Key.

Upon successful linking, it will be considered a secondary device.

Can I swap my primary and secondary devices for the BPI Mobile account?

Yes, you can set your secondary device as your new primary device to access the BPI Mobile and use all of its security features.

You need to enable Mobile Key on the new device by following these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your account in BPI Mobile.

Step 2: Go to Authentication under Account Maintenance.

Step 3: Enable Mobile Key and tap OK to approve the change.

Step 4: Provide a 6-digit PIN.

Step 5: Input the OTP that will be sent to you.

You can also enable biometric security for the Mobile Key for smoother transactions.

What is the BPI Mobile Key?

The Mobile Key is a feature available for those with a BPI Online account.

It is an alternative to OTP when verifying your transactions, which could be helpful at times when there are network delays in sending OTPs.

You can select either a 6-digit PIN or your biometric data using the Mobile Key.

Why does my account keep on getting locked?

If you frequently notice that your account is locked by BPI even though you haven’t locked your access, it could be due to other people trying to use your account.

BPI automatically locks accounts with multiple failed login attempts.

The best option is to delete your entire BPI Online account through Lock My Access, deactivate it, and start a new account.

Suppose you haven’t shared your username to anyone and still experience the problem. In that case, it could be possible that some people are guessing usernames, or there is a security compromise in some of your accounts or devices.


You can easily add or delete your BPI Online account for various purposes.

Just head over to your account or request assistance from customer service.

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