How to Delete Account Easily

Do you wish to delete or close your account? Don’t worry, that will be as easy as flipping a coin.

Whatever reason you have for seeking to deactivate your account, whether security reasons or dissatisfactory experience, you’ve come to the right place.

How do I delete my account?

There are still no direct ways to delete the account upon navigating through the application.

The only option available in the meantime is to contact customer support and submit an application.

There are two ways to delete account.

Method #1: Delete or cancel your account by sending an email

  1. Open your email address registered with your account
  2. Compose an email addressed to
  3. For easy reference of the team, the subject of the email should be “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”

Here is an example for your reference:



Hello Team,

I will be requesting the deletion of my account. I am Juan Dela Cruz, a registered user in, with as my email address. I no longer see myself accessing the platform in the foreseeable future due to personal reasons, so I am seeking the deactivation of my account.

I hope to receive action from fulfilling my request at your earliest convenience. Should you have any further queries, kindly contact me through email or at 09xxxxxxxxx.

Thank you so much for your kind consideration.


Juan Dela Cruz

Method #2 – Contact support team via live chat

  1. Log in to your account on your smartphone
  2. Navigate through the left bottom corner of the landing page, then click the Help button
  3. Click on Contact us
  4. Your email address registered for will be pre-filled. In the “How can we help you?” section, compose a message requesting account deletion. You may attach any relevant images when necessary.
  5. Click Send to submit your application finally.

About is a digital wallet platform in the Philippines. It started in 2014 and currently has a whopping 10 million users.

The application installed in our mobile phones allows us to conveniently buy load, transfer funds, pay bills, be a mode of payment for online shopping, and enjoy other exciting features.

This online financial services app provides services, including selling and purchasing digital currency, leveraged for investment opportunities.

A valid ID will suffice as a requirement to validate the identity of the users.

What are the common reasons for account deactivation?

While offers various useful features, users opting to cancel their accounts is inevitable. If you wish to deactivate or delete account

 as well, you may find your reason from the following:

  1. Security concerns

Since money is involved, a user may feel unsafe and unsecured using the platform. may be prioritizing the customers’ security, but the user may perceive that the funds stored in the application are susceptible to hacking and theft.

2. No longer a resident of the Philippines

An account user who sought to stay long-term outside the country may no longer find the helpful app.

A change in mobile number renders some services, including purchasing mobile load inapplicable to his current location.

3. Overwhelming and annoying advertisement emails

Email spamming may tend to annoy users. However, there are ways to stop receiving advertisements from

You can unsubscribe from their newsletter and mark the email as spam.

4. Dissatisfaction / no longer interested

Some users choose to delete their accounts because of a dissatisfactory experience or just because they are no longer using them.

5. A loyal user of other digital wallet platforms

There are other digital wallet platforms other people trust and use more.

How to Delete account – Conclusion

It may take 5-6 business days of waiting time after the submission of the deletion request. Don’t worry; the support team will update you whenever possible.

However, if you are just an inactive user, it is recommended to leave your account and do nothing.

If you already have a verified account, it would be advisable not to deactivate since the User Agreement only allows one verified account per user.

Think twice before deleting your account. Once you delete account, there is no way to recover it.

It is your choice that prevails. It is your security and satisfaction that matter the most.

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