How to Load DITO sim using GCash: Ultimate Guide

DITO Telecommunity offers very affordable DITO sim cards to weave stronger communities through stronger connectivity.

Telecom companies are offering a variety of promos, and DITO is very competitive for the benefit of subscribers.

It even has a free sim ejector tool, and you can always reload once the free allocation expires.

If you want to know how to load DITO sim using GCash, this is the right place.

What is DITO sim?

A DITO subscriber identity module (sim) is offered by the DITO Telecommunity Corporation, a new player in the Philippines that aims to foster competition with other giant telcos.

Unlike the usual sim cards we are used to, the DITO sim is already packaged with a promo once you purchase it from official stores or retailers.

The call, text, and data bundles are attractive, especially for people saving money.

How to load DITO sim using GCash

It is straightforward to top up your DITO account using the leading e-wallet service:

Step 1: Open the DITO app and sign in.

Step 2: Click Buy Load.

Step 3: Select the load amount or enter any other amount.

Step 4: Click the Load button.

Step 5: Choose GCash and tap the Pay button.

Step 6: Click Proceed and follow the prompts to log into your GCash account.

Step 7: Click Pay and wait for the confirmation message.

Your account should receive the top-up within 2 hours from purchase.

Can I load DITO sim without DITO app?

Yes, you can still load your DITO sim even if you do not have the DITO app or save your phone’s memory space.

Just go to the Buy Load section of the GCash app and look for the DITO tab.

Enter your DITO number and select from Regular load or All-In products from the list.

Does DITO sim eat regular load?

Few random users report that their regular DITO load gets eaten up even if they have not knowingly used value-added services.

This may be due to a glitch in the system, but more likely, it’s because of some of your phone settings.

It is better to register a load promo immediately or directly instead of a regular load, but you can still ask for help from the customer service from DITO Hotline 185.

Other ways to load DITO sim online

You can also buy load for your DITO account using other services.

PayMaya also has a Load section just like GCash.

On the other hand, offers cashback when you buy your load from them.

GrabPay also lets you buy load, but you can check if your banking app also offers load top-up since they usually do.

How to Load DITO Sim Using GCash – Conclusion

DITO offers very affordable data, call, and text promos, so you should consider having a DITO sim now.

Loading your DITO sim once your free allocation expires is convenient using your GCash account.

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