Foodpanda Referral Program: How to Earn Money

Food Panda is a convenient application to use for food and grocery deliveries.

As of now, they also added features where customers can order and pick up their food or book appointments for dine in.

But do you know that aside from waiting for vouchers, there is another way where you can earn vouchers under the FoodPanda referral program?

How do I refer a friend on Food Panda

The FoodPanda referral program is very easy and this article will help you refer your friends so you can earn discounts.

First thing to do is download the Food Panda application on your mobile phone and register your account.

Now that you are eligible for the FoodPanda referral program, go the menu which can be seen on the top left of the application.

Scroll down the Food Panda menu and choose the option “Invite friends.”

There are two ways to accomplish the FoodPanda referral program.

You can either share your invite link to your friends through Facebook, Messenger, email, Twitter, or regular SMS.

Another option to earn discounts under the FoodPanda referral program is sharing your QR code which can be scanned by your friends.

That’s it!

Three simple steps and you can start earning discount vouchers under the FoodPanda referral program.

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How much can I earn when I refer friends in Foodpanda?

What’s good with the Food Panda referral program is that both you and your friend can earn up to Php 100.

After your friend registers an account using your Food Panda referral link, your friend will receive a Php 100 discount which will be automatically applied on their first successful order.

You will also receive a Php 100 discount after your friends had placed their first orders, which is also automatically applied whenever you order in Food Panda.

Let us also inform you that just by simply inviting friends to Food Panda, you can earn discounts up to a total of Php 1,000!

Under the FoodPanda referral program, you can invite up to 10 friends who are interested in using the Food Panda app too.

You can also check the Food Panda Facebook page because they offer higher discounts sometimes up to Php 180 for simply referring your friends.

Can riders avail of the Food Panda referral program?

Not only customers can avail discounts by referring their friends because Food Panda riders can also earn extra money.

Riders can earn under the Food Panda referral program if they refer restaurants who are willing to be affiliated with Food Panda.

These restaurants must not have registered to Food Panda before and they have all the requirements needed by Food Panda.

Food Panda riders will then submit the name of the restaurant, address, contact number of the restaurant, and contact information of the restaurant’s representative.

For every restaurant invited under the Food Panda referral program, a rider can earn up to Php 30 once the restaurant is qualified.

You are not only getting your favorite food or discovering new restaurants in Food Panda, but you can even earn now that you know about the FoodPanda referral program.

With these tips, we hope you can enjoy the Food Panda application more.

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