How to get GCash Mastercard in 7/11: Ultimate Guide

Buying a GCash Mastercard has become more convenient over the years.

Now, you can buy them in various 7/11 branches nationwide. Here, you’ll learn how to get them in 7/11 as well as other places.

What is the GCash MasterCard?

What is the GCash MasterCard

The GCash MasterCard is a prepaid debit card issued by GCash that can be linked to an existing GCash account.

It can only be used by individuals who have a fully verified GCash account, although they can still buy one from a store and get fully verified first before activating the card.

How to get GCash MasterCard on 7/11?

How to get GCash MasterCard on 7/11 Steps

To get a GCash MasterCard through 7/11, you need to ask the cashier if they have one and pay P150. That’s it, and you do not have to fill out any form or submit any requirements. Once you have one, you just need to activate it to use it.

What 7-11 Branches Have GCash MasterCard?

Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing which branches sell a GCash MasterCard. The best way to know is to go there physically and ask the cashier. But if you’re not near a 7-11 branch, you can order a GCash MasterCard in the GCash app.

Other places to get GCash MasterCard

There are only a few official options if you are not getting a GCash MasterCard from selected 7/11 stores.

Of course, you can order from the GCash app as long as you are already fully verified, but you also need to pay the P65 delivery fee.

All Day, Lawson, Ministop, and Robinsons Business Centers are the only official sources.

Can I get a GCash MasterCard for kids?

Yes, a parent or guardian can give their child their own GCash MasterCard provided that they are at least seven years old.

Minors can be permitted by their parents to use the GCash MasterCard independently, including withdrawal of funds.

Otherwise, the parent or guardian has exclusive control of the card.

How to activate GCash MasterCard via the app?

These are the instructions on how to activate GCash MasterCard using the GCash app:

Step 1: Open the GCash app on your smartphone and tap Profile

How to activate GCash MasterCard via the app 1

Step 2: Go to the My Linked Accounts

How to activate GCash MasterCard via the app 2

Step 3: Select the GCash MasterCard

Step 4: Tap the Add a Card button

Step 5: Input the last four digits of your MasterCard and the Virtual Account Number

Step 6: Nominate your PIN, then click Next

As easy as that, you already have a working GCash MasterCard

How to activate GCash MasterCard via USSD?

Follow these steps on how to activate your new GCash Mastercard:

Step 1: Open the Call app or dialer on your phone

Step 2: Dial *143#, then reply to the corresponding number for GCash

How to activate GCash MasterCard via USSD 1

Step 3: Go to GCash Card, then Activate Card

How to activate GCash MasterCard via USSD 2

Step 4: Enter your 4-digit GCash MPIN

Step 5: Provide the 16-digit MasterCard number

Upon activation, you can already use your GCash MasterCard

What is the difference between Lock, Unlock, Activate and Reactivate?

These options can be found on the GCash MasterCard page under My Linked Accounts.

You can immediately see the buttons, and here’s what they mean:

The lock is for temporarily blocking all transactions from your card, and this is nifty if you cannot cancel yet your recurring monthly subscriptions billed to your card.

Unlock makes your MasterCard chargeable again for any transaction.

Deactivate should only be used if you lost your card or don’t have it anymore, such as when it got stolen.

Reactivation is only available by submitting a request through the GCash Help Center.


GCash MasterCard out of coverage areas

The logistics service in the Philippines is constantly improving, so you must always check in the GCash app when ordering to see if you can get the card delivered to you.

Most delivery details can only be selected through the dropdown menu, so you will immediately know if you are covered.

Can I still buy GCash MasterCard online?

If the 7/11 branch near you does not have a GCash Mastercard kit, you can go to other stores or order online.

You can do this in the GCash app, but you must be a fully verified user.

Can I still get GCash MasterCard if I am not fully verified?

Yes, you can still avail of a GCash MasterCard if you are not yet fully verified, but only through over-the-counter options.

How do I change the PIN of my GCash MasterCard?

Previously, your GCash MPIN also served as the PIN of your MasterCard.

After the upgrades in the security features of GCash, it is now a 6-digit pin.

To change your GCash MasterCard PIN, you should do it inside the GCash app.

From the My Linked Accounts, go to the GCash MasterCard section.

Tap the line of your GCash MasterCard in case you have more than one linked account.

Click the Set Card PIN or Reset Card PIN button, and you can now set or edit your PIN.

Up to how many GCash MasterCards can I link?

According to the GCash Help Center, you can link up to three GCash MasterCards to your GCash account.

This may seem in conflict with the terms and conditions of GCash, saying that you can only link one type of GCash MasterCard to your wallet.

We checked it in the GCash app, and it says you can link up to three.

Can I lock my GCash MasterCard?

Yes, you can lock your GCash MasterCard to avoid unintentional purchases.

It is also a practical feature in case your card gets stolen, where someone may be able to use all of your money.

You can access it under the My Linked Accounts section on the GCash Mastercard page.

Locking and unlocking your GCash MasterCard can be done instantly by clicking the Lock/Unlock Card button.

What if my GCash MasterCard gets eaten by an ATM?

A machine may eat your MasterCard because you entered the wrong PIN multiple times or locked your card.

If that happens, go to the nearest bank branch that operates the ATM and bring a valid ID.

It would help if you did this as soon as possible because they may perforate your card on the next day as a security measure.

The most important thing needed to get back your card without a name is your signature on the back, which the staff will use to verify ownership.

What is the GCash MasterCard Virtual Account Number?

The VAN or Virtual Account Number of the GCash MasterCard is a unique set of codes connected to your card.

It can be used to identify your account for non-financial transactions rather than specific details that give way to identity theft and fraud.

It is a part of the system upgrade of GCash MasterCard and the 6-digit PIN and lock/unlock feature implementation last September 6-7, 2021.

It can be found at the back of the new GCash MasterCard, but you can also view it in the GCash app, especially for older cards.

What are the fees for using GCash MasterCard?

Using your GCash MasterCard does not require an annual membership fee, and there are only two fees that you may usually encounter.

The first one is the withdrawal fee of P20 at ATMs, wherein you can withdraw up to the single transaction limit as long as you have a sufficient GCash balance.

The other one is balance inquiry, which according to a GCash customer service representative, is charged by the ATM acquirer and not GCash.

The balance inquiry fee can range from free to P2 per transaction.

The payment processor minimally charges other transaction fees for using a card instead of payment options.


The GCash MasterCard is easy to use and complements the GCash service.

Get one from a nearby 7/11 store to immediately use it, plus save time and delivery fee.

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