GCash Account Address: How to Find and Use it?

Having a GCash account is considered a must nowadays since it can be used to send money and pay bills.

Your GCash account address is essential to be able to process transactions.

If you want to know the GCash account address, check out all the details in this article.

What is the GCash account address?

The GCash account address or GCash account number is unique per account and connected to a GCash user. It’s the 11-digit mobile number you used to register in GCash. It indicates whether an account is currently connected to a specific mobile device.

You can provide it to others who will be sending a payment to you or when you are availing of GCash transactions at Partner Outlets.

How to find your GCash Account address/ID?

If you are new to GCash and you want to avoid providing the wrong GCash address or GCash ID to someone, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the GCash app on your smartphone and tap the Profile icon on the lower left part of the screen.

GCash account address 1

Step 2: If you share your phone with someone, enter your MPIN first to verify the account name.

Step 3: You can now view the name and mobile number of the GCash account.

GCash account address 2

What are the uses of the GCash Account address?

You should never forget your GCash account address because it is used for the following:

  • Logging in to the GCash app
  • Logging in to your account for web purchases or third-party apps
  • Inquiries to the customer service representative
  • Accessing your CIMB GSave account or CIMB app
  • Requesting for a GCash Mastercard
  • Receiving transaction confirmations
  • Effectively using GCash features

Sample of GCash Account Address

The GCash account address has a simple format that everyone can recognize, although sometimes still incorrectly entered.

All GCash account addresses begin with the digits zero and nine instead of +63.

The format goes 09xxxxxxxxx or 09 followed by nine other numbers.

How to Send Money Using GCash Account Address?

GCash has made sending money in their app even more accessible, so you have two options.

If you want to use the Send Money feature to transfer funds to another GCash user, you can directly use their GCash account address.

But if they decide not to share their full GCash account address, they will be using the GCash QR feature, which will only show the partial first and last numbers of their GCash account address.

In such a situation, you need to use the Pay QR feature in your GCash app.

How many digits is the GCash account address/number?

The GCash account address or number is composed of 11 digits, no more, no less.

A good thing with GCash is that you can check if the account address you provided is valid since you can preview the account name, provided that the correct GCash number is entered.

Is the GCash account number the same as the phone number?

Yes, the GCash account number is the same as that of the user’s phone number.

Though, a user can use a different number for their GCash account even if it is not their active number for account security purposes.

How can I make my GCash account address safe from phishing attacks?

If you want to make your GCash account address less prone to phishing or hacking, you can opt to use a dedicated mobile number for your GCash account instead of your mobile number.

This means that only those you transact with can know your GCash account address.

But hackers are getting more advanced nowadays, so that they may be sending malicious text messages to random numbers.

If you receive a phishing SMS, it is better not to reply to the number and ignore and delete the message recommended by the NTC or National Telecommunications Commission.

If my phone is stolen, is my GCash account address still safe?

Stolen phones pose a significant security risk to your accounts, especially your GCash account.

If the sim card connected to your GCash account is on the stolen phone, call the 2882 hotline or send a message immediately to the GCash Help Center with the help of someone.

Also, change the passwords of your accounts logged in to your phone, and don’t forget to log them out from the compromised device.

One trick to limit the vulnerability of your overall GCash account is to transfer your funds to GSave instead.

Doing so will require an OTP every time you transfer funds to your GCash wallet for spending.

The sim card connected to your GCash account must not be in the same phone for the trick to work.

Don’t forget that you should have a sufficient balance in your GCash wallet if you plan to buy in stores or pay for bills.

Regular GCash transactions do not require an OTP, so you can still use your GCash account.

How to connect a GCash account address to a device

To successfully use a GCash account in the app, you must first link it to the device.

After downloading the app on your mobile device, type the GCash account address and enter the MPIN.

If there is another number linked, click the Change Number beside the existing GCash account address displayed.

There can only be one GCash account address linked to a device at any time.

Also, GCash only usually allows linking to one device at a time, which means a previously linked device may get unliked if you use your GCash account address on another phone or device.

Be reminded that the GCash account address is automatically being unlinked from a device after 90 days of the last linking process, which means you will need an OTP sent to your mobile number.


Your GCash account address is unique, so you must take care of it by not sharing account details.

Only transact using the official GCash app and web interface to avoid scams.

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