GCash Maintenance: What to do?

Have you ever experienced a time when you can’t buy load in GCash?

The app might be in maintenance. Here’s what you need to know and what to do.

Why is GCash Not Working?

There are many reasons as to why GCash might not be working but the most probable one is maintenance.

Other causes can be that the app’s outdated, you’ve reached your monthly limit, or you’ve been banned from GCash.

What is a GCash Maintenance?

A GCash maintenance is a regular occurrence in which GCash will temporarily shut down one of its services or the app.

During this time, the GCash team might be doing the following:

  • Adding new features
  • Fixing bugs
  • Removing old features
  • Redesigning the user interface
  • Adjusting some services
  • Testing new features

Basically, a GCash maintenance is just like any other app’s maintenance. But since GCash is used by most Filipinos, they need to do a lot of regular maintenance to ensure a smooth app.

But a maintenance can also occur because of the following:

  • Partner bank/wallet is having a maintenance
  • Sudden closing of a partner service

How long is a GCash Maintenance?

A GCash maintenance can last as quick as a minute and as long as a few days. They usually shutdown one or more services at a time and restore it back quickly.

But in the case of the app being unavailable completely, they try to keep the downtime as quick as possible.

But GCash mostly will release advisories through notifications and social media posts when there’s a scheduled maintenance.

For unscheduled ones, they usually just last a few minutes to a few hours.

What to do when GCash is in Maintenance?

Most GCash maintenance are small and quick. When there’s a maintenance, it means that a service is unavailable. You can try again later.

But for major maintenance, you can update the GCash app to reflect these changes.

If that doesn’t work, try clearing the cache’s app first and updating. Or you can even try re-installing the app altogether.

If the maintenance or update is done but you can’t access one or more services, submit a ticket to GCash.


Why is GCash load unavailable?

The most probable reason why the load service is unavailable is because of a maintenance. Sometimes, only one network is down such as TM but there are times when the whole load service is unavailable.

In such cases, you can wait for a few minutes or hours and try again. Note that when you buy load while in maintenance, the money will go back to your balance.

How to know if there’s a maintenance in GCash?

If there’s a maintenance on one or more services in GCash, you will be unable to use it. There are also some maintenances that notify the user through the app.

But for major updates, GCash will keep users posted through social media and the app’s notification.

How to fix GCash temporarily unavailable?

If you encounter this problem, try clearing GCash cache and launch the app. You can also look for updates if there are any. Lastly, re-install the app if that doesn’t solve the problem.

Final Thoughts

Maintenance in any app is important to keep things moving. With an app as big as GCash, you’d expect a lot of maintenance here and there.

But don’t worry, the developers are always working 24/7 to keep their services operational.  

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