GCash Rates 2023: Fees, Interest & Charges

GCash is the leading mobile wallet in the Philippines that lets you send money, transfer funds, shop online and in-store, and even save money.

There are minimal or no fees that you can encounter when transacting using your GCash account.

If you want to know the complete list of GCash rates for 2023, check out all the details in this article.

What are the cash-in fees of GCash?

This is the list of cash-in fees associated with GCash:

Cash in for linked bank accounts, including BPI, Metrobank, and UnionBankFree of charge
Cash in for PayPalFree of charge
Cash in for Payoneer2% fee deducted from the withdrawal amount
Cash in using remittance including Moneygram and Western UnionFree of charge
Cash in using the app of your bankRanges from P0 to P50
Cash in through over-the-counter2% of the amount beyond the monthly P8000 allocation

What are the cash-out fees of GCash?

This is the list of cash-out fees related to the GCash account:

Over-the-counter outlets2% of cash out
Third-party outletsVariable rates

Fees for using GCash Mastercard

This is the list of fees that can be incurred when using the GCash Mastercard:

Local ATM withdrawal feeP10 to P18 depending on servicing bank
International ATM withdrawal feeP150
Local ATM Balance InquiryP3
International ATM Balance InquiryP50
First-time order or replacement of MastercardP150
Purchase of GCash Mastercard with deliveryP65
POS terminalsFree of charge
Online transactionsSmall percentage depending on the payment processor

What are the fees in GCredit?

This is the list of fees related to the usage of the GCredit account:

Interest charge within the billing period3 to 5% of the amount
Penalty fee for late payment up to 30 daysP200
Penalty fee for late payment from 31st to 60th dayP500
Penalty fee for late payment from 61st to 90th dayP900
Penalty fee for late payment from 91st day onwardsP1500

GLoan fees in GCash

This is the list of fees related to the usage of the GLoan feature:

One-time processing fee3% of the loan
Late paymentP100 plus 0.15% of the outstanding balance

Pay Bills transaction fees in GCash

This is the list of fees related to the usage of the Pay Bills feature in GCash:

Billers that have fixed feesP0 to P60
Billers that have percentage-based fees2% of the transaction
GInsure Fee0.92% of the bill

Fees in Send Money using the GCash app

This is the list of fees related to the usage of Send Money feature:

Send Money using Express SendFree of charge
Send Money using Send with a ClipFree of charge
Send Money using Ang PaoFree of charge
Send Money using Bank TransferP15
Send Money using GCash PadalaP5 or 1.5% of the transaction

Other fees in GCash

Dormancy FeeP50
GCash PRO Biz Starter 99 subscriptionP99
KKB or Request MoneyFree of charge
GGives Penalty FeeP100 plus 0.15% of the principal per day


Does GForest have fees?

No, GForest is free of charge for all users, and there are no fees for buying seedlings to earn certificates.

It helps you help the environment while using the GCash app for everyday transactions.

Is there a fee for using GSave?

Using GSave for a CIMB account or BPI #MySaveUp account doesn’t have any transfer or transaction fees.

It encourages users to save money and don’t worry about transfer fees.

Does GInvest have fees?

There are no fees for using GInvest, but there seems to be a small amount being deducted for new investments in any product.

Before redeeming your subscription, you should wait for your investment’s value to increase.

Are there extra fees for using GCash QR?

No, using GCash QR for transactions is free of charge, and you can even use your GCredit line instead when using it for POS transactions.

GCash QR only simplifies the GCash transaction for the convenience of users.

What is GCrypto, and what are the fees?

GCrypto is an upcoming GCash product for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want to manage their crypto holdings.

GCash will announce the associated fees with GCrypto as the product is launched.

Is there a fee for sending money to a linked bank account in GCash?

Yes, there is a bank transfer fee for sending money to a bank account, even if it is linked with GCash because it utilizes InstaPay.

Transfer funds only as necessary to avoid needing to send money back to your bank account.

Which has better rates, PayPal or Payoneer?

Payoneer has a better conversion rate than PayPal when cashing out through GCash.

It would be best to wait for special promotions because PayPal has an official partnership with GCash.

Is the GCash app free?

Downloading and using the GCash app is free, and there are no maintenance fees.

Make sure to use it regularly or at least once every six months to avoid being classified as Dormant.

Is there a free CIMB Mastercard?

CIMB no longer offers a free CIMB Mastercard upon opening a CIMB GSave account, but you can try contacting customer service to ask if there are promos.

Is CIMB to GCash fund transfer free?

Yes, you can transfer your CIMB funds for free into your GSave account anytime.

From your GSave account, you can transfer your fund into your regular GCash balance to spend it for transactions.

Can I contact GCash for concerns regarding transaction fees?

If you have questions or requests for reversal on transaction fees, you can contact GCash through the 2882 hotline or by submitting a ticket to the Help Center.


GCash is a versatile e-wallet application that offers a wide range of services, from money transfer, savings, and insurance, to bill payments.

GCash rates are competitive so consider using GCash for all your transactions to save on fees.

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