How to Send Money From GCash to GCash

If you’re wondering how to send GCash to GCash, you’re in the right place.

In this guide, you’ll know the requirements, steps, fees (if any), and the various methods.

Stick around till the end, as we’ll also tell you the other ways to send money to GCash online.

Requirements to Send Money from GCash to GCash

Sending money from GCash to GCash is easy, and it takes just a few seconds. These are the only requirements:

  • Fully verified GCash account
  • GCash number of the recipient
  • GCash balance
  • Internet connection

You don’t even need a fully verified GCash account. We’ll tell you how to send money from GCash to GCash with a basic account below.

But if you want to access the send money and other features of GCash, you can get fully verified easily.

How to Send GCash to GCash (2 Methods)

There are only two direct methods to send money from GCash to GCash. One is the standard approach, while the other may not be known to many. Here are they:

Method 1: Express Send

Step 1: Go to your GCash app and tap Send Money

Step 2: Select Express Send

Step 3: Enter the GCash-registered number of the recipient, or you can select from your contact list, enter the amount and message (optional) and tap Next

Step 4: Review if the name, number, and the amount are correct, and tap Send

Step 5: You should see a receipt that contains all the details if the transaction is successful

Method 2: Pay QR

Step 1: Open your GCash app and tap Pay QR

Step 2: You can either scan or upload the GCash QR code of the recipient

Step 3: Once the QR code is scanned, you’ll enter the amount you want to send; you’ll also see the number there

Step 4: If the transaction is successful, you should see a receipt

Both the Express Send and Pay QR methods transfer money in real-time. So, the recipient should receive the money instantly. If not, there might be maintenance or an error. 

Can I send Money from GCash to GCash without verification?

Yes, you can do this through Pay QR only if you haven’t verified your GCash account. But the downside is that you can only have a wallet limit of ₱50,000. So, if you want to send more than that, you’ll need to verify your GCash.

Thankfully, verifying your GCash account is easy. Here are the steps – How to Get GCash Fully Verified in 7 Easy Steps

GCash to GCash Minimum Transfer

The minimum amount you can send from GCash to GCash is ₱1. Yes, there’s virtually no minimum amount required, which is why many people use this feature for business and personal purposes.  

GCash to GCash Limit

While there’s no minimum amount you can send from GCash to GCash, there’s a maximum amount.

We’ve mentioned that you can still send money from GCash to GCash even if you’re unverified. But that comes with a limitation. To understand the limits, we’ve prepared this table:

Account TypeGCash to GCash Limit
Fully Verified₱100,000
Fully Verified w/ linked bank account/GSave/GInvest and Enterprise  ₱500,000

The GCash to GCash limit is the wallet size for each account type. This means that every transaction you do counts towards that wallet limit.

For instance, you’ve cashed in ₱30,000, purchased items worth ₱5,000, and you’re a Fully Verified user; you can’t send ₱100,000 anymore. You’ve already exceeded your wallet size for that month.

So, it’s better to get your GCash account verified so you’ll double your wallet size.

To understand GCash limits, read this – GCash Limit: Complete and Updated List

Gcash to GCash Fees

The beauty of sending money from GCash to GCash is FREE. Not only is the transaction real-time, but there are also no fees or hidden charges in using it.

So, you can use it as much as you want if you don’t exceed your wallet limit.

Why Can’t I send Money from GCash to GCash?

If you’re having problems sending money from GCash to GCash, it might be one of these reasons:

  • GCash is currently under maintenance
  • You’ve exceeded your monthly wallet limit
  • You’ve entered the wrong number of the recipient
  • Insufficient balance
  • You’re sending to a non-GCash number

If you’ve determined the problem not to be any of these, you might need to contact GCash customer service.

You can also try updating or reinstalling the GCash app as a last resort.

Other Ways Online to Send Money to GCash

Sending money from GCash to GCash is one of the most convenient features of the app because it’s free and real-time. But if you’re having trouble doing so or you don’t have a GCash account, here are some other ways to do so:

Some of these options allow you to transfer money in real-time, but they all have a fee. It would help if you only used them when you need to or can’t use your GCash account.


Can you send money from GCash to a non-GCash number?

No. The transaction will not push through. Alternatively, you can use GCash Padala to send money from GCash to a non-GCash user.

Is there a limit in GCash to GCash?

Yes, it depends on your account type. If you’re unverified, you can only have a wallet size of ₱50,000/month at the Basic level. If you’re fully verified, the wallet size is ₱100,000, and for fully verified accounts with linked banks – ₱500,000.

How many times can you send money from GCash to GCash?

You can send as many times as you can if you haven’t exceeded your monthly wallet size.

How do I cash into GCash online?

There are many ways to cash into your GCash. You can do it over the counter, online banks, global partners, and remittance.

Can you use send money to your business?

Yes. But the GCash to GCash send feature can be best used when you have a fully verified account with a linked bank account, so your limit is ₱500,000.

Final Thoughts

Sending money from GCash to GCash is one of the most basic features of the app. Anyone can send money even if they’re verified yet, as we’ve mentioned above. This is a valuable feature for anyone who wants to send money without paying any fees quickly.

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