How to Load GOMO Using GCash: Exact Steps

GOMO is a great way to save money if you don’t regularly make texts, calls, and internet browsing.

It offers both no-expiry and unli data offers, and you can easily top up using GCash.

If you want to know how to load GOMO through GCash, check out all the details in this article.

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How to load your GOMO account using GCash

Here are the steps on how to load your GOMO account using your GCash account:

Through the GOMO app

Step 1: Open the GOMO app on your smartphone and tap Add more.

Step 2: Choose your preferred promo and click the Buy button.

Step 3: Make sure that the GCash option is selected.

Step 4: Click the Pay button.

Step 5: Log in to your GCash account using the interface.

Step 6: Provide your OTP and confirm your payment.

Loading is instant, although GOMO may inform you that you should wait for a few moments.

Through the GCash app

Alternatively, you can also load your GOMO account through the GCash app:

Step 1: Open the GCash app on your smartphone and go to the GLife section.

Step 2: Search for or scroll down to GOMO and click the GOMO button.

Step 3: Log in to your account by entering your GOMO number.

Step 4: Enter your 6-digit PIN.

Step 5: Select the promo that you want to buy.

Step 6: Pay for it using your GCash balance.

To check whether the load was successfully applied to your account, you should refresh your GOMO dashboard.

What is GOMO?

GOMO is the new digital network in the Philippines that we are more familiar with as the purple-colored network.

You can avail of GOMO promos by buying a sim card with a pre-loaded promo, checking the in-app Shop, or going to the GLife section of GCash.

You can also convert it to ‘Mo Creds for calls, texts, or both with mobile data.

Interestingly, it also stands for “Go Out More Often” and is available in Ireland, Singapore, and Thailand.

What are GOMO load promos?

GOMO load promos can be found in the Shop section of the GOMO app, although you can also buy a sim card pre-loaded with a GOMO promo.

Here are the staple ones:

No Expiry 30 GB Data OnlyP299
No Expiry 25 GB, 100 Mins + 500 textsP499

Note that GOMO offers more data allocation, unli data, and discounted prices during random promotion dates.

What are the ‘Mo Creds options?

You can convert your mobile data allocation to call and text credits in case you run out of them and you do not want to avail of the P499 promo:

  • No Expiry 30 texts to all networks for 0.2 GB
  • No Expiry 6 minutes calls to all networks for 0.4 GB
  • No Expiry 50 texts + 5 mins call to all networks for 0.5 GB


Can I stack unli data promos in GOMO?

Unfortunately, you cannot stack unli data promos in GOMO, and you can only avail of them during surprise promo periods.

It’s also not a regular promo, so you are more likely to avail of a fixed-data allocation promo most of the time.

What is the speed of GOMO internet?

If you are using GOMO, you rely on the Globe Telecom’s network for your internet.

The speed is whatever is available and depends on how many users are competing for the bandwidth.

Interestingly, GOMO’s internet connection can be faster than average since it may be using Globe Postpaid’s internet line.

The speed is capped at 5MB If you use the unli data promo, but it is still sufficient even for streaming services.

Does GOMO offer 5G connections?

GOMO can connect you to the 5G network, but you must be within an area with 5G coverage since the GOMO sim is 5G-ready.

Additionally, you must have a 5G-enabled phone to enjoy 5G mobile data speeds, subject to your registered promo.

Does GOMO participate in the MNP or Mobile Number Portability?

GOMO allows you to jump into its network through the GOMO Easy-Switch Sim.

Alternatively, you can also carry your GOMO number to switch to other networks.

Can I use GOMO for a backup internet connection?

Yes, you can ideally use your GOMO load as a backup for instances such as your internet connection at home got disrupted, or you went outside, and therefore, you don’t have access to WiFi.

You only have to worry about consuming all your data allocations because it has no expiry.

It saves you money by not having to continually pay for load promos that you may end up not entirely using.

Can I get a free sim replacement if I lose my GOMO sim card?

If your GOMO sim card has been lost, including theft and physical damage, you can’t avail of free sim replacement, unlike other networks.

You can’t request to transfer the old number to a new sim card even if you have an affidavit of loss.

Where can I buy a GOMO sim card?

Apart from the GOMO app and the GLife section of GCash, you can also buy a GOMO sim from the following official partner merchants:

  • Lazada
  • Shopee
  • GrabMart
  • The SM Store
  • Puregold
  • 7-Eleven
  • Ministop
  • Walter Mart Supermarket
  • MetroMart
  • GoRobinsons
  • Silicon Valley
  • Memoxpress

Where can I download the official GOMO app?

You can download the GOMO PH app on the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, or the Huawei App Gallery.

Will the GOMO sim card expire like other networks?

Yes, your GOMO sim will expire if you do not activate it by the date stamped on the SIM Pack Envelope.

Also, you need to have at least one promo purchase per year to keep your GOMO account active.

Otherwise, your SIM will be disconnected from the GOMO network, and the mobile number connected to it will be reassigned.

You cannot get the same number again unless you can find the new physical sim card connected to it, which is practically impossible and not worth the hassle.


A GOMO sim allows you to access affordable and no-expiry data, calls, and texts through the Globe network.

Before running out of data and credits, top up your account using GCash for a fast transaction.

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