How to Use Grab Pabili: 5 Effortless Steps

Grab is the top Transport Network Company (TNC) in the country but it is unique in terms of service offerings.

One of these services is GrabExpress Pabili, which let you order food, medicine, and grocery items, worth up to 2,000 pesos per transaction.

Your packages are insured and can be tracked in real-time through the Grab app.

Read the answers to your questions on how to use Grab Pabili:

Can you use Grab Pabili for food?

Yes, GrabExpress Pabili is perfect to assist you in ordering your food if you want it right away.

It would even be faster than if you were to buy take out from a restaurant or an item in a grocery store since the rider can be near the store location.

Grab Delivery-Partners have a designated carrier box to ensure that your order arrives to you fresh.

Can I ask Grab to buy medicine?

Grab has truly been helpful in this very trying time where some communities are in strict lockdown or physically going out poses a risk to our health.

To buy an over-the-counter medicine, you need to go to the Pharmacies section in the GrabExpress Pabili.

If you need prescription medications, the delivery rider should be provided with the prescription receipt, a photocopy of your valid ID, and authorization letter.

How does Grab Pabili work?

The payment for the actual products, plus the delivery and parking fees, as applicable, is shouldered by the delivery recipient.

For example, if you ordered for yourself, the pick-up point will be the store location and the drop-off will be your address.

Once the delivery rider arrives, you will pay for the cost of the product plus the delivery fee.

If the rider drops by your house first to get the documents required for prescription medications, there will be an additional delivery charge.

How to Use Grab Pabili? (Steps)

GrabExpress Pabili is very easy to use, you can do all transactions within the Grab app.

Step 1: Open the Grab app and go to Pabili.

Step 2: Enter the pick-up (store) and drop-off (destination) locations, as well as relevant details.

Step 3: Fill out all the specific items, corresponding quantity, and estimated amount in the Purchase Information.

Step 4: Click Add, then Next, and Confirm and Book.

Step 5: You can pay the delivery fee using your Grab Wallet or even after the delivery is completed.

The delivery rider will definitely contact you before they proceed with your request and just in case a specific brand is not available at the store.

How to pay Grab Pabili?

Payment can be with cash or e-Wallet after a successful delivery, depending on your arrangement with the delivery rider.

The total amount to pay will depend on the actual amount of the purchased goods, delivery fee, and parking fees (if any).

You can have a discount by using My Grab Rewards but this is optional.

How to cancel Grab Pabili?

Being a responsible consumer means that you should communicate with the delivery rider if you decide to cancel a GrabExpress Pabili request.

All requests are processed immediately after your booking, but the rider will usually contact you first to confirm.

Whether you need to pay or not after cancellation depends on the progress of the delivery rider or if he has already purchased your orders.

It is best to cancel when the rider has not yet travelled or is far from the store location.

Grab Pabili not working?

If you experience any problem with the Grab app, try to close the app and open it again.

You may also check if your internet connection is available.

Keep your app regularly updated for bug fixes and security updates.


Grab is a truly versatile app whether you need a ride or a quick purchase from a store.

You should take advantage of promos to save money but it is nothing compared to the convenience and safety Grab provides.

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