How to Pay Home Credit via PayMaya

Why go through the store physically to pay when you can do it online?

If you have a Home Credit loan that you need to make payments on, you can do so through PayMaya. Find out exactly how to do that below.

How to pay Home Credit via PayMaya

Just follow these five short steps to pay your Home Credit loan today.

Step 1: Open up the PayMaya app on your phone.

Step 2: Select the “Bills” option on your PayMaya home screen.

Step 3: Type in your Home Credit loan account number, the amount you wish to pay, and your mobile number. Tap “Continue” once you’ve done so.

Step 4: Confirm the details of your payment and complete your transaction.

Step 5: Wait for the SMS confirmation. The confirmation message will provide you with a reference number that you can use to follow up if there is a problem with the posting of your payment.

Why pay Home Credit via PayMaya?

There are many payment channels out there that you can use to settle your Home Credit bills. It is up to you to decide which one works best for you.

Here are some of the reasons why you might choose PayMaya over other payment channels.

1. No waiting or long lines

Most Filipinos have very busy schedules and going to a physical bayad center can be very time-consuming.

Paying bills online will always be faster and more convenient, so that you can focus on your other tasks and responsibilities.

2. Cashback promos

PayMaya is pretty generous, and they often have promotions such as cashback for their customers who avail of their bills payment services.

You can follow their social media pages to get alerts on their bills payment promos.

3. Low transaction fees

Although PayMaya does charge transaction fees depending on the biller, it’s a small price to pay for convenience and time saved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will my bill payment be posted?

The processing time will depend on the biller. Usually, it will take between three and five days for your payment to be posted.

Make sure to pay your bill in advance to consider the processing time.

How do I know if my bill has been posted?

You can visit your Home Credit payment portal and check if the payment has been reflected. Another option would be to reach out to Home Credit’s customer service to confirm if the payment has been posted.

Is it considered a late payment if I pay my bill on the exact due date?

Most billers do not have real-time posting, especially if you pay through third-party payment processors like PayMaya. To avoid late payments, it is best practice to pay your bills at least three to five days in advance before your payment due date.


Settling your Home Credit bills using PayMaya is one of the most convenient ways to pay off your loan.

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