How to Change Mobile Number in Paymaya in 3 Easy Steps

How to change mobile number in Paymaya?

If you want to know how to do it, then you’re in the right place!

There used to be a more straightforward way to do this right inside the app.

But because Paymaya removed that option, we have to do things differently now.

Don’t worry; the process is still easy, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s start!

Steps on How to Change Mobile Number in Paymaya

We wish there were a more straightforward method of changing your mobile number in Paymaya, but this is what we found out for now.


1. You can contact Paymaya using two methods. First is through their email:, which is free but may take longer.

Or you can do it by calling their hotline (+632) 8845-77-88 or *788 using a Smart mobile number.

2. Then, you need to ask for a request for an update of your registered number.

3. Depending on what method you used, you may be asked to provide the following details: service request number, old + new number, reason of the request, signature over the printed name, and two valid IDs.

Then, you’ll need to send it to

That’s it! This may take a few days, but it’s better than nothing. The steps here should only be interpreted as a guide, not a step-by-step tutorial.

The best way to get instructions is to listen to what Paymaya will tell you after contacting them!


Before requesting Paymaya to change your mobile number, you need to read these reminders:

  • You can only change your Paymaya mobile number once every 30 days.
  • It’s not possible to use your old Paymaya-registered number as your new mobile number.
  • You also can’t use a mobile number registered to another Paymaya account as your new number.
  • When you change your Paymaya mobile number, all unused vouchers, rewards, and cashback will disappear.
  • Listings for shop purchases and bills payments will reset after changing your mobile number. But rest assured that your balance and transaction list will still be available.

Reasons why you would change your mobile number in Paymaya

If you’re wondering as to why you’d want to change your mobile number, there are usually a couple of reasons:

You lost your sim card

One of the most common reasons people want to change their Paymaya mobile number is losing their sim card and phone.

If this is the case, you can request to change your Paymaya-registered mobile number by following the steps above.

Or, you can follow these steps first if you want:

  • Contact your mobile service provider and ask for a new sim card with your old postpaid number.
  • Then, you can use the number to log in to your Paymaya account as you usually do.

You want to create a new account

If you want to create a new Paymaya account for whatever reason, you need to use a new number.

But, take note that Paymaya only allows a person to have one Paymaya account.

So, if you want to create a new one, you should first delete your old Paymaya account.

Thankfully, we have a guide here to help you – How to Delete Paymaya Account in 3 Easy Steps

Then, you can easily create a new account using a new mobile number after that!


With our guide, you should now know how to replace your mobile number in Paymaya easily.

You can share this guide with your friends and family as well!

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