How to Change Name in GCash: 5 Easy Steps

The GCash application has been an exceptional platform for everyone. It plays a vital role when sending and receiving money most importantly in this time of the pandemic.

However, some people often encounter problems with their names for various reasons upon registering or updating personal details. Here are some steps on how to change name in GCash app if you are one of them!

Steps on How to Change Name in GCash

Changing your name in GCash will not take much of your time. Here are the following steps you can follow to do it!

1. Open the GCash app and go to the “Profile” tab that you can see at the right bottom of your screen.

2. After that, click your name above or the small arrow you see beside it.

3. You will now see your details in this section. Click “Edit Profile” that will appear above to change your name. However, if you are still a basic user, you cannot change it unless your account got fully verified.

4. An authentication code will be sent through a short message service (SMS) to your number once you already changed your name.

5. Enter the code and wait for a maximum of 72 hours to update and change the details of your profile.

Reasons to Change Name in GCash

Your name is one of the most valuable details that you should provide using this application. You have to change your name in GCash because of the following reasons:

  1. Verification purposes
    A misspelled name will make it difficult for you to get verified fully and experience other benefits from the app like cash in and out, availing loads, purchasing items, and linking with your bank accounts.
    The admins will verify your name through the valid IDs you will provide. Your account will get verified right away once you entered your name accurately.
  2. Smooth Transactions
    Your name is necessary so you can transact with other people smoothly. It can also help to avoid wrong transactions when you accidentally entered an incorrect number. You can see if you sent the money to the legitimate account because the name will appear on the screen.
  3. Authentication and Security
    Providing your name can help to avoid online scammers that are prevalent nowadays. It may also serve as a way to trace previous transactions when serious situations arise that need legal action.

The valuable information mentioned above are the reasons why you should consider learning how to change name in GCash. A person capable of doing it can experience the best opportunities it offers.

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Do I need to change my name in GCash if I get married?

Just like with other government agencies and banks, you need to update your records once you get married.

If you have a new middle name and surname, you need to update your GCash account.

Aside from being a responsibility, you may also need it for certain transactions that require providing your full name.

Updating your registered name in the GCash app will ensure that there will be no discrepancies in the system that may cause errors and inconvenience to you.

What documents are needed for changing the name in GCash?

When changing your GCash registered name, the only document required is a valid ID.

However, it should present your new name and civil status if the change is about your surname.

What are the valid IDs accepted by GCash?

For the fastest updating of your name, GCash recommends the following IDs:

  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • PhilHealth ID
  • Postal ID
  • PRC ID
  • SSS ID
  • UMID
  • Voter’s ID

Don’t worry if you do not have any of the valid IDs mentioned above, as you can still use other IDs when submitting a ticket through the GCash Help Center.

What if my name has an error in my only available ID?

If the only ID you have indicates another spelling for your name, you should try to present other supporting documents such as a birth certificate.

If your name is incorrectly typed on your birth certificate, you cannot do anything about it unless you have already requested for correction of data in your birth certificate.

Can I transfer my GCash account to another name?

You cannot transfer your GCash account to another person by changing the registered name.

You can only do minor edits if there are errors in your name displayed in the GCash app.

What GCash features require indicating your name?

Many features of GCash will ask for your name, especially those that involve financial transactions.

When someone sends money to you through Express Send, they do not need to enter your name anymore, but your first name and surname initial will be displayed during confirmation.

Moreover, your full name will be indicated on the SMS notification after the person has successfully sent the money to you.

If they notice a discrepancy in the indicated name, it may cause confusion and panic.

Your GSave account, which automatically opens an account on CIMB under your name, GCredit, and GInvest, requires your correct name.

Of course, you cannot claim or may not be denied insurance under GInsure if your name is incorrect.

When using your AMEX Virtual Card, you will also need to provide your name online, matching the one registered on your account.

Even if you have a wrong name on your birth certificate, it is your legal name, and you should stick to it until you can make corrections.

It follows that you need to update your IDs and records under different government agencies in case there is any change with your registered name.

There could be automatic checks in databases too, which means incorrect entries may cause errors in your account.


The GCash application provides a convenient service for a smooth transaction for your business or personal agendas. Hence, your details including your name are necessary to secure the validity and security of your account.

The steps on how to change name in GCash are not complicated. You can even do it in just one sitting!

They do not share or sell the information in observance of the law so you don’t have to worry anymore. You may also read the terms and conditions of using the GCash application to understand the importance of providing accurate information about you.

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