How to Delete Paymaya Account in 3 Easy Steps

Do you want to know how to delete Paymaya account?

We’re sure that you’ve searched around the app for the “Delete” button, but there’s no any. That’s because there isn’t one!

If you want to delete your Paymaya account, there are only a few ways to do it, and we’re going to teach you how.

Before you Close your PayMaya Account

First, you need to empty your PayMaya wallet balance. Once you delete your account, there’s no way to recover your funds.

You can spend it however you want in the app or you can also transfer it to other e-wallets, bank accounts or withdraw via ATM.

Steps on How to Delete Paymaya Account

In this method, you’re going to use an email to send a request. This is the most common method to delete your Paymaya account, not to mention free.

But if you want to do it faster, we’ve listed their hotline in the next section below.

1. Using the email you registered with your Paymaya account, write an email to:

2. You can put in the subject “Request to delete my Paymaya Account”.

3. In the body, you need to write why you want your account to be deleted. Be sure to include these important details regarding your account:

Paymaya-registered mobile number, your complete name, date of birth, and complete address.

That’s it; you need to wait for at least seven business days before receiving a reply.

Usually, you should receive a response quicker than that.

If you don’t know what to put in the body of the email, you can use this and edit accordingly:

Good day,

I’m writing this email to request the deletion of my Paymaya account. This is because I haven’t used my Paymaya account for a while now.

I’m kindly requesting your assistance on this matter to erase my info on your database. Thank you very much!

Here are my Paymaya account details:

Full name:

Mobile Number:



Reasons why would you delete your Paymaya account

You might be wondering why someone would want to delete their Paymaya account.

There are three main ones. Let’s talk about all of them here:

Duplicate account

Paymaya only allows one account per person. But sometimes, people would forget that they already created an account before, and they’d create a new one.

If this is the case, then Paymaya will tag your account as a duplicate.

This will be a case for account suspension or termination. So, it’s best to avoid this early on if you notice this.

To reconcile your duplicate accounts, you can write an email to, or you can call them through their hotline: (02) 8-845-7788 or *788 using a Smart mobile number.

Whether you write an email or call through their hotline, be ready to provide your account’s details: Full Name, Birthday, Mobile Number, and Complete Address.

You don’t want to use Paymaya anymore

Another reason why you would want to delete your Paymaya account because you don’t want to use it anymore.

This may mean that you don’t want to use e-wallets anymore, or you’ve found another one to use.

Whatever the case, you can easily ask to delete your Paymaya account through email by following the steps above!

To avoid charges

Yes, Paymaya may charge maintenance fees for inactive accounts if you haven’t had a financial transaction in over a year.

Or if you haven’t claimed the money in your account for a year.

If you still haven’t done any financial transactions within five years, your account may become dormant.

Thus, it’s better to request for account deletion rather than incur charges or wait for your account to be dormant.

This is written in their Terms & Conditions, which you agreed with when you created your account.

What is Paymaya?

If you’re here and don’t know what Paymaya is, it’s one of the most popular e-wallets in the Philippines. Voyager Innovations own it, and the e-wallet has been around since 2007.

Although there are many e-wallets and digital banks today, Paymaya is still used by millions of Filipinos thanks to these features:

  • Send money
  • Bank transfer
  • Add money
  • Pay bills
  • Load
  • Gaming credits
  • Vouchers
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Travel
  • Treats
  • Food
  • Merchants
  • Deals
  • And more!

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to delete Paymaya account. It’s so easy, and you can do it in a minute if you follow the steps here.

But if you have more questions, you can ask for support from Paymaya.

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