How to Use Shopback: Earn Real Money by Shopping

ShopBack is a payback reward program accessible in the Far East and Australia that offers customers rewards when they shop online.

Affiliate programs enable merchants to pay a small percentage of what customers spend on their platform in return for referring customers.

How does ShopBack work on Shopee?

After ShopBack Philippines (PH) announced its collaboration with Shopee, consumers may now earn cashback from their purchases by utilising the ShopBack mobile app.

Customers who sign up with the app will get a special cash back rate of up to 6.5 percent, while current Shopee customers will receive a payback of 1.5 percent.

This strategic partnership is a step in the direction of ShopBack’s aim of reinventing convenience, variety, and shopping in a smarter manner for all online customers in the area.

Filipino consumers are well-educated, well-connected, and well-versed in technology.

They are also interested in cosmetic goods, fashion accessories, and travel.

ShopBack now presents itself as a platform that effortlessly connects our customers with a wiser buying choice when they purchase with Shopee’s various goods and services.

While it comes to saving money when buying online, Shopback is a valuable resource.

It is more than simply a one-stop aggregator.

Due to ShopBack’s success in the Philippines, it has now established itself as a major player in the region’s e-commerce cashback industry.

It has a strong presence in Singapore and Malaysia and has lately expanded to the Philippines and Thailand.

With this growth, ShopBack is well on its way to becoming a cashback site that every online shopper prefers.

How can I use ShopBack in LAZADA?

Follow these steps on to use the app in Lazada:

Step 1: Log in to your ShopBack personal account

Step 2: Select LAZADA

Step 3: Log in to you LAZADA account

Step 4: Procced to Checkout inside shopback app, so you can get cashback.

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Shops Available

As an example, it has partnerships with Amazon,, eBay as well as companies like ASOS, Zalora, Woolworths Online, Lazada, Uber, Grab, Shopee and Tokopedia.

How much money can I earn?

To make your online shopping experience more rewarding, use ShopBack.

They’ll give you up to 30% cashback on all of your online purchases while also providing you with access to the best coupon codes and deals from more than 500 retailers.

There are different cashback rates for various shopping apps and websites.

You can download the app and see for yourself!


Being ‘excellent with money’ may mean various things to different people, and shopping and spending aren’t mutually incompatible.

As a reminder, ShopBack is a program that gives you money back when you buy anything from a partner site that offers it. That is, in fact, correct.

ShopBack compensates you for purchases that you would have made anyway.

To be clear, they’re depositing money into your bank account, not giving you points or entering you in a lottery for a chance to win anything.

It really is wonderful isn’t it? But always remember, shop wisely. Happy shopping!

If you don’t have a ShopBack account yet, download it now and use our referral code (dTy2rl) so you can also earn P100!

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