Lazada Affiliate Program: How to Join and Earn!

There are two popular ways to earn income through e-commerce sites, even if you do not have capital.

One is dropshipping, but another passive and easier thing to do is affiliate marketing programs.

To know more about the Lazada Affiliate Program, check out this article:

What is Lazada Affiliate Program?

The Lazada Affiliate Program is similar to other affiliate programs like that of Amazon, wherein you earn a small commission from consumers’ purchases without additional fees to them.

This works when a prospective buyer clicks on an affiliate link and proceeds to buy an item from the site within a set number of days.

Lazada has both browser and app-based commission schemes that ordinary people and advanced publishers can use.

How to join Lazada Affiliate Program

To take advantage of the program, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on the Sign Up button and choose how you would like to register.

Step 3: Follow the steps and take note of the date and time of your successful registration.

Step 4: Wait for a confirmation message from Lazada within 1 to 2 days.

You can register as an individual, a company, or through an agency, whichever has the appropriate BIR Certificate of Registration.

How does Lazada Affiliate Program work?

You can share the affiliate links on your social media posts or messages if you are an individual.

Businesses and agencies usually post content on their blogs, websites, apps, and other materials.

The mechanism is a bit different since if a buyer uses a browser, they have 30 days to purchase.

On the other hand, if the buyer plans to purchase on the Lazada app, they must finish their purchase within seven days so that the commission is attributed to the affiliate partner.

How to earn in Lazada Affiliate Program

The amount of commission that you can earn depends solely on the rates set by Lazada, which may differ according to the type of product purchased.

For affiliate marketers to be competitive, Lazada has set the threshold to PhP 1,200 before you can withdraw your earnings.

The situation might be disappointing at first, but once you master the craft of advertising, earning will almost be effortless.

What are the requirements to join the Lazada Affiliate Program?

If you are an individual, you need a valid government ID, Bank Certification of account legitimacy, BIR 2303, and a blank copy of the Official Receipt.

Companies need to provide the Certificate of Incorporation, Bank Certificate of account legitimacy, BIR 2303, and a blank copy of the official receipt.

Suppose you do not wish to burden the BIR Certificate of Registration. In that case, you should collaborate with an agency and prepare Affiliate Account Details, Bank Information, Bank Account Information, Proof of Bank Account, as well as the Authorization and Consent Form.

How to register in Lazada Affiliate Program

You can register in three ways: as an individual, as a corporation, or through an agency.

What matters is that you prepare the requirements and that you or your corporation has a BIR Certificate of Registration.

What matters most is that you can pay taxes to the government.


Joining this program would enable you to earn passive income even without spending too much of your budget.

It would help if you took advantage of the popularity of Lazada by starting your side business today.

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