How to Use Lazada Coins: Save a lot of Money!

If you’re constantly shopping from Lazada, you may have heard of the Lazada coins.

But did you know that they allow you to purchase items for free?

Well, if you’re intrigued by how to use them, keep on reading.

What are Lazada coins?

Before we discuss how to use Lazada coins, let’s first talk about their purpose.

The Lazada coin is a reward program that the platform provides to users who continuously use their service.

Through the Lazada app, users can collect many coins from different games and accomplish missions.

How to use Lazada coins?

If you’ve collected enough coins, you can redeem freebies and discounted vouchers.

Also, you can even pay with Lazada coins to purchase items for free.

So if you want to claim your rewards, here are the steps on how to use them.

Redeem Free Gifts/ Discounted Gifts and Vouchers/ Coin Discount

  • Launch the Lazada app on your smartphone
  • On the upper part of the home screen, click “Coins” or swipe right
  • Scroll down and look for the “Redeem Rewards” section
  • Choose your preferred reward, or click “See All” for more options
  • Once you select a reward, proceed to redeem your coins

Discounted Checkouts

Collected coins can be redeemed when checking out.

However, products with the coin option can only be discounted during checkouts.

Furthermore, the coin option during checkouts may not be available if coins are not sufficient.

  1. Go to the “Coin” page, and choose the item you prefer to purchase
  2. Select the item with a coin value that matches with your coin balance
  3. Once you’re on the product page, click “Add to Cart”
  4. Then, your Lazada coin is deducted from the total amount
  5. Also, you can opt to not use the Lazada coin by swiping left the redeem options
  6. Afterward, click “Place order” to redeem your Lazada coins

How do Lazada coins work?

They are great rewards that you can redeem for prizes or discounts when purchasing.

In addition, one Lazada coin is equivalent to a P1 discounted price.

The coins amounting to P1 are available from the Coins Tree Game and Mission Center.

As you collect more coins, the better the discounts you can get.

So if you have collected many coins, you may be able to purchase a Lazada item for free.

Moreover, Lazada coins can be redeemed for other vouchers and freebies.

How to earn Lazada coins

There are many ways to earn coins using the Lazada app.

From playing games to reviewing products, you can earn as many as you can by following the steps below:

Mission Center

  • Go to the “Coin” page, and check in daily to earn coins
  • For more coin rewards, click “See More” to complete missions


  • On the Lazada app, click “Account”
  • Then, go to the “LazGame” page
  • Play and win on LazGames to earn more coins

Product Review

  • Go to the “Account” page, and click “To Review” under “My Orders’
  • Select the products to review by entering information and attaching image and video
  • Then, click “Submit” to earn coins on each product reviewed.

Watch LazLive

  • On the upper part of the Lazada app home page, click “Live”
  • Watch the available LavLive to earn more coins
  • You can also click “Win Rewards” on the LazLive page
  • Complete the list of missions to earn more coins.

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