How to Use Lazada Gift Cards: Ultimate Guide

What could be a better and more fantastic way to gift your friends and family than giving them a Lazada gift card?

Gift cards are a surefire way to make people happy as they can decide on whichever gift they want for themselves.

If you want to know how to use a Lazada gift card, check out this article.

What is Lazada Gift Card?

Lazada Gift Card is a virtual gift card available for purchase in the Lazada mobile app.

It can have a value of 50, 100, 250, or 500 pesos and with a theme such as classic, Happy Holidays, Happy Birthday, and Thank You.

Unlike physical items, you cannot refund the gift card once you purchase it.

Steps on how to use a Lazada gift card

Follow this simple method on how to use Lazada gift card:

Step 1: Open the Lazada app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Activate your Lazada Wallet if it is not yet activated.

Step 3: Tap the Gift Card icon and enter the 20-digit code.

Step 4: Check if the redemption is successful.

You can now use your Lazada Wallet as the payment method for your online shopping.

If you have other types of code, it can be used on the checkout page directly, but you can still request a Lazada 20-digit code.

Do Lazada Gift Cards expire?

Yes, a Lazada Gift Card expires within six months after being bought from the Lazada Gift Cards store.

It cannot be converted to cash even when not used to buying Lazada.

Can I use multiple gift cards on Lazada?

You can use multiple gift cards for separate purchases on the Lazada app, but you cannot use them with other promos or discounts.

Other brands even have their gift cards to offer.

Can you stack Lazada gift cards?

If you wonder how to use a Lazada gift card in the best way when you have more than one, the best way to use it is once at a time.

Lazada does not explicitly state whether you can stack Lazada gift cards, but it says unused amounts will be forfeited.

Where can I redeem Lazada gift cards?

Unlike traditional gift cards, you can only use your Lazada gift card through the mobile app.

In addition to that, you must activate your Lazada Wallet before redeeming it.

The value of the Lazada gift card gets transferred to your Lazada Wallet, which you can then use as the payment method for your online shopping.

Do I get a change when I spend less than the gift card amount?

No, you cannot keep the gift card’s remaining amount if you only spent a portion of it.

The gift card value is being loaded into your Lazada wallet once you redeem it, but according to Lazada, the unspent value will be forfeited.

You can add more funds to your Lazada wallet if you want to purchase more, but you can also decide to spend just below the amount to get the most out of its value.

Can I redeem the Lazada gift card to GCash or PayMaya?

Unlike other gift cards like the universal one, you can only redeem your Lazada gift card in the Lazada mobile app.

Creative individuals can “farm” their money using other gift cards when purchased with discount vouchers, which they can now use for whatever purchase they want.

Plenty is available in the Lazada Gift Cards section if you want a cash-redeemable gift card.

How to buy Lazada Gift Card in the Philippines

To buy a Lazada Gift Card in the Philippines, you need to open your Lazada mobile app and go to Lazada Gift Cards.

You can then choose the value and theme of the Gift Card, which should appear on top of the product page.

The only required information that you need to enter is the recipient’s mobile number and email address.

Everything else is optional, including your name, the recipient’s name, and gift card note.

Of course, you can buy a gift card for yourself and share the code with someone else or use it yourself.


Lazada Gift Card is a perfect gift for an avid Lazada shopper, whether it’s their birthday, it’s a holiday or even just a typical day.

You can be sure that they will spend your money gift in the Lazada app to purchase whatever they want.

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