Lazada Referral Rewards: How to Earn ₱100 Per Invite

Lazada is one of the top e-commerce platforms in the Philippines, benefiting avid online shoppers and business owners.

Since the platform has boomed over 38.3 million visitors a month, they have provided their users with Lazada Referral Rewards to give back.

That’s why if you are using Lazada to shop, you should also know that you can earn from it by sharing your Lazada referral code to your family and friends, who are new users of the platform and haven’t made any purchase.

In this article, I will share with you everything you need to know about Lazada Referral Rewards.

So take a break and read through to start earning Lazada Referral Rewards.

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How can I get an invitation code?

First things first, to earn a Lazada Referral Rewards you should get an invitation code.

Launch your Lazada app, and click “My Account” where you can find Lazada’s Referral Program.

Join the program to acquire a referral link that you will use to share with your family and friends to start inviting.

Also, if you are planning to create a Lazada account, you can ask anyone you know who uses Lazada to share their invitation code with you.

So that they can earn a referral reward after you successfully made your first Lazada purchase.

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How do I use my referral rewards in Lazada?

Before thinking of how to use your Lazada Referral Rewards, let me explain how to earn a Lazada Referral Rewards.

Based on Lazada’s official website under the “New Buyer Referral Rewards”, you can invite anyone new to Lazada and haven’t bought anything on the platform.

After the person you sent a referral link sign up on Lazada and made their first purchase, you may get 1 or more voucher or can be opted to a wallet rebate, depending on the number of new users who made their first purchase.

Once your Lazada referral code has been used successfully by a referee, you can see your reward within 24 hours at “My Pending Earnings”.

Then, patiently wait for 7-14 days until your referee have claimed their order, and get your reward under “Withdrawable Earning”

However, a reward can only be earned if the purchase of the good by your referee is valid under the referral program.

In addition, if your referee has canceled, returned, or refunded their order, the first purchase that they made will be voided, and the referral reward you earned will be revoked.

The referral reward granted by Lazada ranges to P50 or P100 and can be claimed in the form of vouchers or through Lazada Wallet Rebate.

Nonetheless, Lazada states that the rewards are limited, and any changes on the rewards can be done anytime.

How to withdraw Lazada Referral Rewards?

To withdraw your rewards, you can opt to use a voucher or via Lazada Wallet Rebate.

If you opt to withdraw to Lazada Wallet Rebate, a referrer can get P100 and the referee can get P150 or can be doubled depending on Lazada’s promotion.

Most importantly, the Referral Rewards expiration is up to three days from the redemption date, and vouchers are limited to purchasing other goods except digital games, software, and utilities.

As per Lazada, if the user has a P200 referral reward, they can claim it through the following:

  • 4 vouchers of P50
  • 2 vouchers of P100
  • 1 voucher of P100, and P100 remaining balance
  • P200 Lazada Wallet Rebate

To withdraw your rewards through Lazada Wallet Rebate follow the steps below:

  • Launch your Lazada app, and click account
  • Click Referral Rewards, then select All to Lazada Credit Withdraw
  • Go to your Lazada Wallet, and cash in your rewards

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