How to Buy Smart/Globe Load Wallet Using GCash

Load wallets are synonymous with loading businesses, and sari-sari stores are the most familiar to many.

Whether you are looking for a way to save or earn money through a sought-after product nationwide, you can use the GCash app on your phone.

If you want to know how to buy a load wallet using GCash, check out all the details in this article.

How to buy Globe load wallet using GCash

Here are the steps on how to buy Globe load wallet using GCash:

Step 1: Go to

How to buy Globe load wallet using GCash 1

Step 2: Enter your load wallet number.

How to buy Globe load wallet using GCash 2

Step 3: Select the load denomination from the choices.

How to buy Globe load wallet using GCash 3

Step 4: Choose GCash as your payment method.

Step 5: Click on the Confirm & Next button.

The GCash interface will appear, and you can continue your transaction by verifying your account and approving the payment.

You can also register your number to the GlobeOne app to get bonus rewards points when you buy load as a retailer.

How to buy a Smart load wallet using GCash

You cannot directly buy load for your Smart load wallet using GCash, but we have a hack for you.

Follow these steps on how to top up your Smart load wallet if your funds came from GCash:

Step 1: Open the GCash app on your smartphone and tap Bank Transfer

Step 2: Input your PayMaya name and number and the amount you want to send and confirm

How to buy a Smart load wallet using GCash 1

Step 3: Use PayMaya as your payment option in the Ka-Partner App.

How to buy a Smart load wallet using GCash 2

Note that the bank transfer from GCash to PayMaya incurs an InstaPay fee.

Other ways online to buy load wallet

You can also avail of LoadCentral, which can load to all networks and even other services such as e-pins and Meralco Kuryente Load.

Packages are also popping up online which are not affiliated with telco companies.

Be careful of unreputable third-party load wallet sellers that promise you huge earnings through multilevel marketing.

What is a load wallet?

What is a load wallet

A load wallet is used to handle the wholesale of prepaid load to earn money through retail selling.

Load wallets have been the logical choice for anyone who sells loads for retail, especially because prepaid loads have an expiration for the end-users, until recently.

But even though the prepaid load of an average subscriber can expire after a year, and they can therefore still use it for retailing, a load wallet has several advantages.

Having a load wallet lets you have a part-time business that can quickly become lucrative if active prepaid subscribers surround you.

You can get a load at a discount, and you do not even need to sell it if you can use it all by yourself.

For sari-sari stores in every corner of the Philippines, a load wallet allows them to sell another good, though digital, just like the rest of the items in their inventory.

Load wallets are offered by telco companies and third parties, usually as a package or as a business opportunity.


Do I need a dedicated sim card to load my wallet?

Your load wallet is connected to a sim card that you must buy or register, depending on your service provider.

As a good measure, it’s better to have a dedicated one that you can lend to others or use in a separate mobile phone.

Can I have multiple load wallets at once?

Practically yes, you should weigh the benefits versus the possible negative consequences such as confusion and slower service time.

This may also depend on whether you have an exclusive load retailer contract.

If you have customers availing prepaid load for all the different networks, it could be good to use a load wallet that can load to all networks.

What type of phone do I need to load wallet sim cards?

You can use the most basic phones up to the most advanced ones to properly access your loading service.

However, it’s better to use a basic phone rather than a smartphone since some apps send an invisible message for verification or other purposes that can eat your load.

Can I use load wallet for Share Treats?

As long as your load wallet has a balance that can be used to load regular load, you can use it to avail Share Treats items.

This idea is a hack, but remember that regular load is not equal to the value of money.

Do your computations on the discount you can get and think first whether you need to get something through Share Treats.

Will I save money if I buy a load wallet?

Depending on your load wallet, you may immediately reap the discount or earn a free load through accumulated reward points.

This question can quickly be answered if you picture a sari-sari store.

Imagine that instead of buying a load in retail that may even have an additional charge, you can get the same load for less since you do not have to pay the fees to yourself.

Plus, you do not need to get outside to buy a load, and you can even keep a year’s worth of load.

Can I lose money from an e-loading business?

Unlikely but yes, you can lose money from a loading business.

One of the problems in running an e-loading business is when your customers pay like postpaid.

It may be difficult to recover losses from those unable to pay their load purchase, especially when they are people you know.

Another reason could be that you failed to utilize your prepaid load, like your money tied up to items you cannot sell.

You may argue that, unlike other items, inflation may barely affect the value of the regular load.

That may be correct, but the situation has an opportunity cost.

How do you think Shopee and Lazada offer discounted prepaid loads to millions of customers?

While we may never know the exact answer, they are more likely to use a combination of spending and a large load wallet.

They may be aiming for a breakeven point to run the load promos.

One thing is for sure – customers pay before they receive their prepaid load.

The idea behind earning from a loading business is volume, so you need to sell more and sell fast.

What if I do not want to use prepaid load?

If you or your customers are personally consuming too much prepaid load, even if you are subscribing to promos, you might consider switching to postpaid.

You can opt for postpaid plans that offer unlimited services if prepaid options do not offer those.

With a postpaid plan, you don’t have to worry about reloading again and converting regular load to promos to text or call.

Both Globe and Smart have a referral program for postpaid products, and you can also take advantage of this even if you are a prepaid load retailer.


Buying in bulk saves you money, which has been the time-tested formula and principle behind retail businesses.

Get a load wallet now and start an e-loading business, whether for family, friends, customers, or just yourself.

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