What is PayMaya Account Number: Full Guide

What is my PayMaya account number?

Are you about to do a transaction and don’t know what this is?

Here’s a quick guide that explains everything.

What is the PayMaya Account Number?

The PayMaya account number refers to your 11-digit PayMaya-registered mobile number.

For example, it can look like this – 09753258630

Many confuse it with something else since it’s an account number. But it’s called such since PayMaya is a digital wallet/bank, and bank accounts have account numbers.

Where to Find PayMaya Account Number?

If, for some reason, you forgot your PayMaya registered mobile number or your account number, here’s where to find it. This assumes that you still have access to your PayMaya account.

Step 1: Open your PayMaya app and tap the profile icon on the upper left

Step 2: You’ll see your PayMaya-registered mobile number/account number below your name

PayMaya account number

What is the 16-digit Account Number in PayMaya?

The 16-digit account number in PayMaya refers to the PayMaya virtual/physical card.

If you have at least a balance of P500, you can see your PayMaya virtual card. This can be used to pay or buy something online.

It’s called the card number in the card, and it consists of a unique combination of digits.

If you purchased and linked a PayMaya physical card, it also has a 16-digit account number. The physical card can also be used to purchase anything on the internet. But it can also let you withdraw your balance.

Uses of the Account Number in PayMaya

A lot of people confuse the PayMaya account number for something else. But why exactly is that? What are the uses for the account number in PayMaya?

Firstly, your PayMaya account number/mobile number is used when you send/receive money.

This is true when you send money from GCash to PayMaya, for instance. In the GCash app, you’ll find that it asks you for the PayMaya account number of the recipient. This means their PayMaya mobile number.

Your account number/mobile number in PayMaya is your account’s unique identification. With it, users can send you money, but you load and more.


How do I change my PayMaya number?

You can contact their customer service to change your PayMaya number. You’ll need to provide relevant details such as your old number, new number, the reason for the request, and valid IDs.

How many PayMaya accounts can I have?

You can only have one PayMaya account per person. Even if you have two mobile numbers, you can only register one of them to your PayMaya at a time.

What is the bank code of PayMaya?

The Swift Code of PayMaya is PAPHPHM1XXX. It’s the unique bank identifier of PayMaya Philippines Inc.

Can you see your PayMaya card account number without a balance?

You can’t see your PayMaya virtual card number without at least a P500 balance. But if you have a physical card, your PayMaya wallet is your balance.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that your PayMaya-registered number is also your account number.

Please share this info with your friends and family so they don’t have to search for their account numbers.

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