How to Pay PhilHealth Contribution Using GCash

PhilHealth provides health insurance coverage to all Filipinos, regardless of their employment status.

GCash is one way to pay your PhilHealth contributions online for a self-employed or voluntary member.

If you want to know how to make a PhilHealth online payment using GCash, check out this article.

How to pay PhilHealth contribution using GCash

These are the steps on how to make a PhilHealth online payment using GCash:

Step 1: Make sure you are registered to the Member Portal on the PhilHealth website.

Step 2: Visit and click the Online Services tab.

Step 3: Under Membership, go to the Member Portal by clicking Register/Login.

Philhealth online payment GCash 1

Step 4: Enter your PhilHealth Identification Number, Password, and captcha.

Philhealth online payment GCash 2

Step 5: Click on Login.

Step 6: Under Payment Management, click on Generate SPA.

Step 7: Select the number of months under the Premium Payment Option to make a contribution payment.

Philhealth online payment GCash 3

Step 8: Tap on the Generate Statement of Premium Account (SPA) button.

Step 9: Click on Yes to proceed with your transaction.

Step 10: Click on the View/Pay button alongside the SPA number generated.

Step 11: Tap on the Pay button.

Step 12: Select the MYEG Philippines box, then click Yes.

Step 13: Check the details in the Payment Summary before clicking Next.

Step 14: On the Choose a payment method page, go to the Mobile tab.

Step 15: Click on the GCash box, then Proceed.

Step 16: Log in to your GCash account.

Step 17: Tap on the Pay button with the corresponding payment amount.

You can now see the successful payment page, so take a screenshot of it and wait for the payment to be posted to your account.

How to Register to the PhilHealth Member Portal

If you don’t have an online account on the PhilHealth website, you should create one first:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Tap on the Online Services tab.

Step 3: Click on Register/Login under the Member Portal.

Step 4: Look for the Create Account and click on it.

Step 5: Enter your basic and login information.

Step 6: Input the captcha before clicking on Create Account.

You can create a Member Portal account regardless of your employment status.

How to change my employment status in PhilHealth

If you are currently registered to the PhilHealth system as employed, you need to update your status to voluntary to make payments personally:

Step 1: Download the PMRF or PhilHealth Member Registration Form at

Step 2: Fill out the PMRF completely.

Step 3: Go to and click on contact us.

Step 4: Search for the PhilHealth Regional office wherein you are registered under the Directory of Offices.

Step 5: Once you get the email address, send an email to them with the PMRF and one valid ID as attachments.

Just wait for their reply informing you that you can now create an online member portal account.

Is there an additional fee when paying using GCash?

Yes, a convenience fee will be on top of your contribution payment when you use GCash under MYEG Philippines.

It may change from time to time, but it is usually P15, and it will be displayed beforehand on the MYEG page.

In that way, you can be sure that you have enough GCash balance to proceed with the payment.

Are there other ways to pay online without a GCash account?

You can still pay online via the MYEG Philippines platform following the steps mentioned above.

You need to click on the Credit/Debit Card tab instead of Mobile. From there, enter your name, card number, expiry date, and CVV. Accepted cards are Visa, MasterCard, and JCB.

How much do I need to pay as a PhilHealth contribution?

As a voluntary member, you only need to pay a fixed amount of P300 per month or a total of P3600 per year.

On the other hand, there is a fixed rate of 3.50% of your monthly income if you are formally employed.

Note that the rate will gradually increase up to 5% in 2025.

How do I know if my PhilHealth contribution is posted?

You need to wait for a few days after sending your payment.

After that, you can check your posted payments by going to the PhilHealth Member Portal.

Just go to the Premium Contributions section, or you can also check your payment history.

Who are considered voluntary members for PhilHealth?

You can apply to be a voluntary paying member if you are one of the following:

  • Have some form of work, but you do not have an employer
  • Filipino citizen working abroad
  • Selling goods and services such as driver, construction worker, and vendor in the informal sector
  • Entrepreneur, freelancer, professional
  • Dual and Naturalized Filipino citizen
  • Foreigner with working visa in the Philippines

Is it okay to miss PhilHealth payments?

Yes, it is okay to miss PhilHealth contributions, but it is better to pay them immediately.

If you are a voluntary member, you might need to pay an additional 1.5% interest per month for missed payments.

Regardless, you can still avail of the insurance benefits from PhilHealth even if you cannot pay your contribution.

What is PhilHealth?

PhilHealth card

PHIC, or the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, is a government-owned and controlled corporation established in 1995.

PhilHealth partners with public and private healthcare providers to assist patients with their medical expenses.

Employers in the government and private sector are mandated to register to PhilHealth and contribute to their employees.

Those who are self-employed can pay via Collecting Partners or through the PhilHealth Member Portal.

In March of 2021, it became possible for voluntary members to use GCash as the payment channel to make payment easier for members during the pandemic.

Philhealth Online Payment GCash – Conclusion

PhilHealth gives equal opportunity for all to help and be helped in terms of medical care access.

Pay your contributions on time so you can utilize your PhilHealth benefits when you need them.

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