How to Use Points in Foodpanda: Beginner’s Guide

What are the points in FoodPanda? How to use them?

You may have thes questions right now.

Thankfully, you’re in this guide because we’ll teach you all about the pointing system in FoodPanda and how you can get discounts from them.

Let’s begin…

What are the Points in FoodPanda?

Like many apps in the Philippines, FoodPanda also rewards customers who keep using the app.

This is why there’s a point system in the app called Challenges & Rewards.

Basically, you’ll need to complete challenges and earn points that you can exchange for rewards.

FoodPanda Challenges & Rewards

The challenges differ per user and they also have a time limit.

For instance, there’s “Winner Dinner” where you need to order three times from 6pm to 9pm.

There’s also a challenge called “Panda Marathon” where you need to place P300 and up orders 15 times to earn a total of 750 points.

As of now, Foodpanda offers scratch cards such as:

  • 300 Points – Chance to win up to P40
  • 450 Points – Chance to win up to P80
  • 1,200 Points – Chance to win up to P200
  • 2,200 Points – Chance to win up to P500

What Rewards Can you get from Points?

FoodPanda Rewards shop

Once you complete a challenge, you’ll receive the corresponding points.

You can then redeem your points in the Rewards Shop.

Here, you’ll be able to buy scratch cards where you can win vouchers.

For instance, it will cost you 300 points to buy a scratch card where you’ll have a chance to win up to a P40 voucher.

The more points you have, the more vouchers you can win!

You can then use your vouchers when ordering in FoodPanda to get massive discounts.

How to Use Points in Foodpanda for Customers

Now that you know what the points system is in Foodpanda and the rewards you can get, it’s time to show you how to use them!

In this section, we’ll provide the exact steps you can take to use your poinst in FoodPanda:

Step 1: Be sure to accumulate a minimum of 300 points by completing challenges

Step 2: Tap the hamburger menu

Step 3: Go to “Challenges & Rewards”

How to use points in FoodPanda 1

Step 4: Go to the “Rewards Shop” tab

How to use points in FoodPanda 1

Step 5: Select the scratch card that you want to buy using your points

Step 6: Tap “Redeem”

How to use points in FoodPanda 1

Step 7: Scratch the card and you’ll receive the voucher in your app. You should see your voucher in the Vouchers tab

Step 8: When you order in FoodPanda, you’ll be able to use the voucher to get discounts

What are the Badges?

When you complete a challenge in FoodPanda, you’ll earn a badge.

They’re just for decoration but they make your app look cooler!

You’ll be able to collect many badges with different styles when you complete a challenge aside from the points that you can get.

How to Redeem Rewards in Foodpanda for Riders

You can redeem all the rewards you’ve earned using Globe Rewards app. If you have enough points, click redeem and you will receive a message from 4438 confirming your transaction was successful.

You can also use your points through…

Foodpanda Loyalty Program

Who qualifies?

  • Foodpanda riders who have been with the company for at least a year. Counting begins in April 2021 and is based on the month of your agreement’s start date.
  • Riders who placed at least one order during the previous Bamboo Rewards cycle. For example, if you are claiming for the October Cycle, you must have placed at least one order in October.
  • Riders with a weekly activity rate of 90% or higher. 

Every month, foodpanda will take into account only the previous 12 Bamboo Awards months. 


From June 2020 to May 2021

From July 2020 to June 2021

You can earn loyalty points every month as long as you maintain a weekly activity rate of 90% or higher. 

How do I make use of foodpanda badges?

1. Copy the URL Simply go to the restaurant’s foodpanda page and copy the URL.

2. Put in your website. Enter the URL exactly between “ENTER YOUR RESTAURANT URL” and “ENTER YOUR RESTAURANT URL”

3. Copy the code Copy and paste the now-customized HTML code onto the vendor’s website.

(Do not modify or edit parts of the images.)

How to Use Points in Foodpanda – Bottomline

Foodpanda offers lots of reward games and promotions for customers and riders.

This is also the reason why many people are switching to this kind of job. Foodpanda is definitely a booming delivery business.

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