How to Pay Police Clearance via GCash: Exact Steps

Police clearance is one of the requirements most often required when applying for a new job.

Instead of getting a police clearance at municipal or city halls, you can get it online and pay for it through GCash.

If you want to know how to pay police clearance via GCash, check out all of the details in this article.

How To Register with GCash
How To Register with GCash

How to Pay National Police Clearance via GCash

Police clearance website

Follow these steps on how to pay police clearance via GCash:

Step 1: Accomplish your online registration.

Step 2: Tap the button with the label Click here to Pay for more payment options.

Step 3: Under the Payment Option dropdown in Landbank ePayment Portal, select Cash Payment.

Step 4: Under the MYEG page, choose any as long as you can get a Dragonpay reference number.

Step 5: Open the GCash app on your smartphone.

Step 6: Click on the Pay Bills button.

Step 7: Under Categories, go to Payment Solutions.

Step 8: Search for or scroll down to Dragonpay.

Step 9: Enter the reference number, contact number, amount, and email (optional).

Step 10: Click Next and confirm your payment.

Download and print the payment receipt to present it during your appointment.

What is the Police Clearance?

Police clearance is a government-issued document that indicates basic details of your profile and whether or not you are in one of the criminal databases in the Philippines. It’s then used as one of many requirements in the country such as applying for a passport.

You can get it through the traditional way of lining up at police clearance offices at municipal or city halls, but online could be faster.

Is there a transaction fee for paying online police clearance via GCash?

Yes, you would need to pay additional fees aside from the P150 fee for the police clearance.

You need to pay a P30 transaction fee for the Landbank ePayment Portal even if you are not paying through Landbank.

Once you go to GCash, your convenience fee could be waived or displayed before entering the payment details.

Other ways to pay for online police clearance

You can directly pay for your online police clearance using your Landbank account, but you can also pay using other banks such as Asia United Bank and BPI.

Under the Transaction Details Payment Option in the Landbank ePayment Portal, you can find these options.

But if you choose Cash Payment and get redirected to MYEG, you can either pay directly at Over the Counter locations of whichever merchant you prefer, although you can do the same through GCash once you have the Dragonpay reference number.


Can I pay for traditional police clearance using GCash?

You need to pay first at the designated area in every municipal or city hall because you can only get a traditional police clearance once you have presented a payment receipt to the officer-in-charge and went through the data capture process.

You can only usually pay in cash, but GCash is possible if your LGU has adopted GCash for payment.

You can check for the announcement of your LGU or ask the staff if GCash payments are accepted.

Is the online police clearance the same as National Police Clearance?

The online police clearance is also the national police clearance, although it will be issued at a local police station instead of an office at municipal or city halls.

Is the National Police Clearance better than local police clearance?

No, the National Police Clearance is just as valid as a local police clearance since they both are government-issued documents and check the records.

Is there a delivery option for online police clearance?

No, there is no delivery option for the online police clearance because you still need to undergo the data capture process before getting your police clearance.

The online police clearance only speeds up the process of paying for the clearance, plus you already have an appointment so that you wouldn’t be surprised by long lines at city or municipal offices.

If I make an online appointment and payment, can I get a local police clearance instead?

You cannot use your online police clearance appointment for the local police clearance because they have different payment methods.

You can only set appointments at local police stations if you decide to get a police clearance through the PNP clearance website.

Why is the nearest police station not on the list of locations?

Not all police stations are included in the online appointment system, but you can still choose which is more convenient.

Alternatively, getting a local police clearance at your city or municipal hall could be easier for you if you are not near a police station.

Can I get police clearance for free?

You can get your police clearance for free either through the online appointment system or the local office.

Don’t forget to request a certification from your barangay, as all first-time job seekers are covered by Republic Act No. 11261.

Can I get a refund of payment for online police clearance?

You cannot get a refund once you have already paid for your online police clearance.

If you already got a local police clearance, it’s just as valid as the National Police Clearance.

If you just missed your appointment at the local police station, you can reschedule for up to 15 days before your payment gets forfeited.

If you want a new appointment for a National Police Clearance, you need to set a new appointment and pay again.

Can I change my appointment after making my payment for online police clearance?

Yes, you can modify your appointment from your original appointment date to an earlier date as available, up to 15 days after the original appointment date.


The police clearance can be obtained whether you pay in person or in advance as you set your appointment.

GCash is one of the easiest ways to pay for police clearance, but you can always pay over-the-counter.

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