How to Use Promo Code in GrabFood Philippines: Get Discounts

Every good business knows that the best way to capture their market share is through the use of promo codes, sometimes even promoted by influencers.

They can be in the form of discounts, freebies, or other offers.

Find out more on how to use promo code in GrabFood Philippines:

What are Promo Codes in Grab?

The promo codes in Grab allow you to save more money by applying a discount rate to your total order amount.

Some of them have a cap limit, that’s why you should always check them first before you order.

They can be found in the Grap superapp as advertisements, on social media, and even the vlogs of marketing affiliates.

Steps on how to use Code in Grab

They work similar to vouchers but the difference is that you need to input them, and here is how to use promo code in GrabFood Philippines:

Step 1: Open the Grab app and go to Food.

Step 2: Select the menu items from your favorite restaurant then view your Basket.

Step 3: Enter the payment details.

Step 4: Click on Add Promo then search the code.

Step 5: Choose the voucher from the results and place your order.

Alternatively, you can click on any in-app promotion in the Grab Superapp which will then show you all the available discounted items.

Even after you have ordered from the discounted menu, you should still check the offers and enter the promo code there.

How to get free Promo Codes in Grab?

All promo codes are free, but they have limited availability.

Once you sign up or it is only your first time ordering from GrabFood, there will always be a promo code waiting for you.

You should also watch out during the important events of the year when it is raining promo codes from all brands, including Grab.

Follow the social media accounts of Grab PH to not miss out on any new promo code.

Can I use multiple GrabFood vouchers?

Unfortunately, you cannot use more than 1 promo code per single transaction.

This means that you should always look out for the best promotion available and choose wisely.

If you are with a friend who can order for you, they can use the same code for their own transaction.

My Grab Promo Code is not working

Sometimes, it seems that you do not know how to use promo code in GrabFood Philippines.

You can see whether there is a problem with the code by looking for a yellow exclamation point on the voucher logo.

The problem can be due to not being eligible for the promo, the promo code is entered incorrectly, you did not meet the terms and conditions, the promotion ended, or you have already used the code.


Promo codes are great deals which you should really take advantage of, especially when you just signed up as a new customer.

There are discounts as well as exclusive offers that you should definitely grab before time runs out.

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