How to Refund in Shopee: Full Steps to Take

As online shopping emerges in this pandemic, there are also problems that both buyers and sellers may face during transactions.

When using Shopee, one of the problems that users face is the refund processing of the system.

If you purchased at Shopee and wanted to know how to return or have the money reimbursement, in this article you will know how Shopee may easily and easily reimburse or return your purchases.

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How do I get a refund from Shopee?

In dealing with Shopee, only if one of the requirements are met and the “Order Received” button has not been pressed may you apply for reimbursement/return.

The following requirements are as follows:

  • You haven’t received your order.
  • You received an incomplete order. (e.g., missing inclusions)
  • You received the wrong product(s). (e.g., wrong color, size, or product)
  • Your parcel is damaged. (e.g., broken, scratched, dented)
  • The product you received is a faulty one.

How do I get a refund from Shopee?

Take note that in order to raise a request of Return/Refund, the date must have passed the Estimated Delivery Date or once the order has been delivered.

For you to refund from Shopee, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Browse on your Shopee app and look for the “Me” tab and tap it. Proceed on to the “To Receive” button and search for your order.
  2. Prior to applying for a refund request, locate and tap on the specific order you want to request for a refund.
  3. Then click the “Return/Refund” button.
  4. After clicking the button, provide the necessary details and documents needed:
    1. Provide the valid reason.
    1. Show Picture Proof (up to 3 images).
    1. Describe the situation in detail as a support.
    1. Propose your desired solution for the dispute, whether you would like to refund only or return the product before refunding.
    1. Provide the acceptable amount of refund.
    1. Click “Submit”.

Once the request has been granted by the seller, you are notified of the approval of the request and instructed how to obtain your reimbursement via e-mail.

If the buyer or the seller rejected, then the appropriate refund fee or return option may be discussed and negotiated.

How long will it take for Shopee to refund?

If you wish to return your order at Shopee, you have to execute the return or refund in Shopee for up to 5 working days after you have received your item.

The reimbursement will be disclosed on your account in ShopeePay.

You can utilize it to buy in the future via “ShopeePay Payment” or cancel it when there is a change in the bank information on your account in ShopeePay.

Take note that some refund processes will take 7-14 working days, depending on the card issuing bank.

Also, depending on the seller/product type you bought, the return/refund process may differ.

Can a Shopee Seller refuse to refund?

Yes, a Shopee Seller has the right to refuse a refund from its buyer.

Here are the circumstances the seller can raise a dispute:

  • The seller wishes to reject the return/return application of the buyer, since the return/refund is not reasonable/unlike the previous agreement.
  • For genuine grounds, the seller wishes to refuse the buyer’s request.
  • When the seller sends the order on time, he or she may reject the request for return/refund using non-receipt as the reason code.
  • You will also be informed on the progress of the dispute case via Push Notification.

What happens if seller doesn’t respond to refund request Shopee?

If the seller has not received the return parcel from the customer, the seller in Shopee can initiate a disagreement by tapping ‘Shopee Dispute.’

Shopee Dispute is one of the 3 solutions of Shopee Resolution Centre.

Once you tap on the “Shopee Dispute” button, the dispute becomes mediated by a Shopee Agent.

How to return item in Shopee overseas?

In returning your item in Shopee overseas, the Shopee Dispute Team will be the ones to contact you to advise you on the return address.

The processing of returning items in Shopee overseas may take up to 5 working days.

Make sure that you send the item(s) back within 5 days.

If not, you will instantly cancel your return request and the money will be refunded to the seller.


Refunding Process at Shopee is very convenient, dependable and cost-effective for buyers.

Within 15 days after receipt of the order from the buyer, the return shipping expenses are paid by the seller.

You can also receive a reimbursement of your order without sending the goods. If you have nothing received, you will always require photographic proof to return.

The tracking number of the order can be proved in this situation.

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