How to Send Coins in Shopee: Complete Steps

Shopee lets users earn coins by doing proper product reviews, playing games, watching live shows for giveaways, or using Coins Cashback Vouchers.

You can either spend your Shopee coins as discounts on purchases or share them with friends.

If you want to know how to send coins to other users in Shopee, check out the details in this guide.

How to Send Coins in Shopee

Follow these steps on how to send coins to other Shopee accounts or users:

Step 1: Click the Chat icon on the upper right corner to open the chat section of the Shopee app.

Step 2: Search for or click the chat thread of the intended recipient of the Shopee coin.

Step 3: Tap the plus button on the lower left corner of the screen.

Step 4: Select the Coins icon from the choices.

Step 5: Choose the Coins Amount and type your message, if any.

Step 6: Click the Send Coins button.

Note that you can’t send Shopee coins to anyone unless they are already added to the chat threads.

What are Coins in Shopee?

The official virtual currency in the Shopee app is known as Shopee coins, which shoppers can use to have discounts on their purchases.

The Shopee Coins’ value is equivalent to its equal amount in Peso. It means that 1 Shopee coin is equal to P1.

However, Shopee coins aren’t convertible to cash and expire in a few months’ time.

What are the Transferable Amounts of Shopee Coin for Sharing?

You can choose from the following amounts that can be sent at once when sharing your Shopee coins:

  • 1.00 coin
  • 5.00 coins
  • 10.00 coins
  • 30.00 coins
  • 50.00 coins
  • 100.00 coins

The available coins for sending are also displayed on the same screen as the choices, with the label transferable balance.

Why Can’t I send Shopee Coins?

There are various reasons why you may not be able to send Shopee coins, such as:

  • You don’t have enough Shopee coins or at least 1.00 coin.
  • You have enough Shopee coins, but you already surpassed the daily or monthly limit
  • You have enough Shopee coins, but they don’t have at least 1-month of validation.
  • You don’t have a recipient to choose from in the chat threads.

The choices of the Shopee Coins that you can send will be grayed out if you don’t have them.

How to Send Money in Shopee

If you can’t send coins to another Shopee user, but you still want them to be able to buy something, you can send them money.

Here are the steps for sending money to other Shopee users using Shopee Wallet:

Step 1: Go to the ShopeePay page or section in the Shopee app

Step 2: Click the Send Money button

Step 3: Select Send to Contacts

Step 4: Enter your username or select from the contact number on the contacts list

Step 5: Input the amount you need to send

Step 6: Choose a Virtual Card, then tap the Confirm button

Step 7: Click the Send Money Now button

Step 8: Enter your ShopeePay pin

The amount sent should be deducted from your ShopeePay wallet and credited to the recipient Shopee user.

How Can I transfer Coins from Shopee to GCash?

Previously, you could convert your Shopee Coins to real money through Shopee Wallet before sending them to GCash.

However, this was discontinued, so now you can only spend Shopee Coins inside the Shopee app.

Shopee Coins are only a virtual currency; you can’t convert them directly to money.

There is still a way, though, to transfer Shopee Coins to GCash with the help of your friend or third parties:

Step 1: Send the Shopee Coins to another Shopee user with a GCash account.

Step 2: Request a GCash payment from the other user.

Step 3: Make sure that both transactions are successful.

The exchange rate would depend on your deal, but Shopee coins can be used for a discount on the Shopee app.


Why are the Shopee Coins not credited to the recipient account?

If you have already sent the Shopee coins to another user, but the amount didn’t reflect on their coins balance, it means one thing.

They haven’t accepted it yet using the chat or conversation thread.

For the Shopee Coins to be credited to their account, they must click the Collect button on the chat window.

Are there a Shopee Coins sending limit?

Yes, there is a limit not only for sending Shopee coins but also when receiving them.

Each send transaction has a limit of 100 coins, and you can do a maximum of 20 transactions per day.

Cumulatively, the send and receive limit for Shopee Coins is set to 1,000 coins per day.

If you haven’t received any Shopee coins for the day, the whole limit can be used for sending Shopee Coins.

How to add a friend to Shopee?

To add your friend to Shopee chat, search for their username on Shopee and click the Follow or Chat button.

Alternatively, you can also use the Refer a Friend feature to share a download link to the Shopee app.

You can also see their username if they used your referral code.

Note that other users can also reach you via chat if you have placed an item on your cart or bought an item from a seller.

Why can’t I chat with my friend in Shopee?

If you can’t start a chat with your friend in Shopee even though you know their username, it is possible that they haven’t yet enabled the Accept Chat From Profile Page.

To enable the feature, go to the Me tab, Account Settings, and Chat Settings.

They can now enable the feature and also set an auto-reply.

Do Shopee coins expire?

Yes, Shopee coins will expire in 2 to 3 months after they are credited to your Shopee account.

The exact expiry date of Shopee coins falls on the last day of the second month from the date of crediting.

So if you earned your Shopee coin from July 01 to 31, the expiry date would be September 30.


Shopee lets you earn, spend, and even share Shopee coins with other users, which can be used as a discount on checkout.

Make sure to maximize your Shopee Coins by using Coins Cashback Vouchers and leaving product reviews, then spend or share them before they expire.

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