Does Shopee Deliver on Sundays & Saturdays? The Truth

We love to shop all the time and expect to receive our loved items immediately, but have we ever considered the operating hours of the logistics?

Goods bought on Shopee can arrive just after a few days, but they have a long journey in between.

If you want to know whether Shopee delivers on the weekend, read more on the details below.

Does Shopee Deliver on Sundays and Saturdays?

Shopee Xpress will deliver parcels to you Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 7 pm. As such, there’s no delivery on Sundays. However, sometimes there is also no delivery for the day if it is a public holiday.

The schedule above is for Standard Delivery, as Shopee did not specify the delivery schedule for Economy Delivery. Parcels under Economy Delivery may get delivered separately as the most efficient option.

Lastly, on rare occassions, Shopee riders will deliver on Sundays as well if their schedule allows or if they’re late on their deliveries.

Who delivers my Shopee purchases?

Anything you buy on the Shopee platform can be delivered to you by any Shopee Supported Logistics. They can either be Shopee Xpress, Gogo Xpress, J&T Express, Entrego, NinjaVan, XDE, or 2Go.

Previously, shoppers could choose from an available list of couriers, but there has been an update on the delivery policy.

Shopee or the seller now selects the best courier available to them, although we can still opt for the Standard or Economy delivery.

Why didn’t I receive my package that is already out for delivery?

If your package has been labeled as out for delivery on the Shopee app, it has been scanned for the last time before the actual delivery by the rider.

One single rider may have too many packages for the day that not everything will be delivered unless the rider goes overtime.

Another possibility is no one is around to receive when the package is being delivered.

Either way, your package will be rescheduled for a second delivery attempt on the next day.

Riders also have an internal pointing system wherein undelivered parcels may negatively reflect their performance.

Does Shopee not work 24/7?

Does Shopee not work 24/7

While you can buy at any time and any day of the week on the Shopee platform, there are practical limits on how fast your purchase can get delivered to your doorstep.

The Standard Delivery option of Shopee Xpress has working hours of 8 am to 7 pm all days of the week, except on a few holidays.

It doesn’t mean that the transports of packages stop because hardworking sellers continue to prepare orders even beyond working hours while bulk delivery drivers travel the road even during the late-night or early mornings.

Sorting centers have shifted to continue to operate and avoid too much backlog.

Before an item gets delivered through the last miles, delivery riders that have normal to extended working hours usually start the day at 7 am.

Sometimes, Shopee purchases get sorted at the local level for the most optimized delivery.

Overall, the gears of the Shopee logistics work 24/7, but momentary delays are inevitable during order preparation, first transport, staying at and transfer between sorting centers, and last-mile deliveries.

What is the delivery schedule of other Shopee Supported Logistics?

According to the Shopee Help Center, this is the schedule of the delivery that you can expect depending on the assigned courier:

CourierDelivery DaysDelivery Hours
EntregoMonday to Saturday8 am to 6 pm
Gogo XpressMonday to Saturday8 am to 6 pm
J&T ExpressMonday to Sunday8 am to 6 pm
NinjaVanMonday to Saturday8 am to 6 pm
XDEMonday to Saturday8 am to 6 pm
2GoMonday to Saturday8 am to 6 pm

Take note that there might be adjustments to the delivery schedule, and couriers will not be delivering items during the holidays.

How early can the Seller schedule pick up?

If the seller is confident that they can prepare the package, the waybill can be immediately printed. The package can be ready for pick up the next day if the seller can book it immediately or before 8 am on the following day.

Alternatively, the seller can always opt for drop-off, usually before 5:30 or 6:00 pm, depending on the specific location, and the packages will start their journey once they are collected.

What is the weight and dimension limit for Shopee Xpress?

All items delivered using the Standard Delivery of Shopee Xpress have an impressive weight limit of 144 kilograms and dimensions up to 1-meter x 1-meter x 1 meter.

Does Shopee Deliver on Sundays and Saturdays – Conclusion

Buying excellent items on Shopee is just the start of a long process before our purchases reach us.

Consider buying earlier or planning to optimize the delivery schedule of our package.

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