Shopee Loyalty Program: Ultimate Guide

Shopee never runs out of surprises for all its customers on the e-commerce platform.

It made rounds across social media in January 2021 when it launched the Shopee Loyalty Program with accompanying virtual cards.

This brought so much joy, especially to those who were avid Shopee app users, even before the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Check out this article to know more about the Shopee Loyalty Program.

What is Shopee Loyalty?

Your loyalty to Shopee is measured by the total number of orders you complete in the Shopee app within six months.

The program is a reward system that gives additional privileges to all Shopee users, whether they are newbies or certified shopaholics.

The default level is Classic for those with less than ten completed orders, followed by Silver for a minimum of 10 orders, Gold for at least 25 orders, and Platinum for 55 orders.

It is limited to the purchase of physical items except for stores owned by Shopee, such as Welcome Package and Employee Sale.

How do I know my Shopee Loyalty level?

To view your level in the Shopee Loyalty Program, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Shopee app.

Step 2: Go to the Me tab.

Shopee loyalty 1

Step 3: Look at the small banner below your username or scroll down and click it.

Step 4: You will be able to see your virtual Rewards card along with the voucher benefits and details regarding your progress.

Shopee loyalty program

Shopee Loyalty Ranks

You can see below the Shopee Loyalty page in the app the next tier you can reach, along with the perks that can be unlocked.

All Shopee users start with the default level, the Classic tier.

After completing ten orders before the cutoff date, it levels up to the Silver tier, the one with the least amount of discount vouchers, free shipping vouchers, and ShopeePay exclusives.

The Gold tier comes right after, requiring 25 completed orders.

The hardest one to get and the most sought after is the Platinum tier, which needs 55 completed orders.

Once you have reached a higher tier, your previous orders will still count towards the next level.

Shopee Loyalty Benefits

The Reward Program benefits start on the Silver level, which already has a 15% birthday discount voucher that you can use sitewide, as well as a sitewide free shipping voucher for a minimum of 500-peso purchase.

Gold tier gives you the same perks as the Silver, but with an additional sitewide free shipping voucher and brand vouchers.

The Platinum tier has another additional sitewide free shipping voucher for a total of 3 vouchers and allows you to redeem special vouchers with coins, plus a dedicated customer service team.

How to Redeem Shopee Loyalty Rewards

To use the Shopee Loyalty Program vouchers, you need to claim them on the Shopee Loyalty page and use them just like any other voucher when checking out your orders.

Using the corresponding vouchers is optional but will not be carried over to the next tier when you level up if you do not use them.

How Do I Maintain Shopee Loyalty Rank?

The Shopee Loyalty Program tier system follows two cycles, with the first period being January 1 to June 30 and the second one being July 1 to December 31.

This means that the Rewards system renews every January 1 and July 1.

What happens is that the progress of your order gets reverted to zero, but still in your current level.

Take note that you can fall back to a lower tier if you fail to complete ten orders for Silver, 25 orders for Gold, and 55 orders for Platinum.

It would help if you leveled up before every cutoff to maximize your Shopee orders.

Are returned or refunded items counted for Shopee Loyalty?

Unfortunately, items returned to the seller or even those partially refunded do not count as completed orders.

If you ordered multiple items from a shop, the other products that were just fine would not count as another order if you tried to replace or refund one of the items.

On the other hand, you do not need to rate the completed orders for them to count towards your loyalty progress.

How are orders counted for Shopee Loyalty?

Ordering multiple items from the same shop will only count as one order after delivery.

If you have extra free shipping vouchers, you can order separately from the same shop, which will count as separate orders.

You can strategize on how to take advantage of free shipping vouchers as well as the number of your orders so that you can reach the next level before the January 1 or July 1 cutoff.

Also, note that orders from Shopee Games Shops, Shopee-owned Shops, Paid Ads shops, and Digital Products are not counted.


The Shopee Rewards Program Loyalty tiers provide various perks to online shoppers.

Customers should make the most out of it by planning their checkouts on the Shopee app.

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