Shopee Prizes: Win Vouchers, Coins & Cash

Want to play a game and win?

With Shopee Prizes, you can spend your coins to play and get a chance to win appliances, cash, and countless vouchers.

Here’s our beginner’s guide to this amazing feature in Shopee.

What are Shopee Prizes?

Shopee Prizes is a feature in the Shopee app where you can play games to win various prizes.

This feature was known as Shopee Games and it showcases a lot of games. The games are categorized in the following:

  • All-day Games
  • Time-Sensitive Games
  • Seasonal Games

They’re a great way to pass the time while getting a chance to earn vouchers, coins, and cash!

What are the games in Shopee?

There are different games available at a time in Shopee. There are All-day games which are available all the time.

There are also Time-Sensitive games and Seasonal Games. Here is the list of games you can play:

  • Spin & Win
  • Shopee Farm
  • Shopee Bubble
  • Shopee Candy
  • Shopee Claw
  • Buy Vouchers Get Coins
  • Shopee Shake
  • Shopee Throw
  • Shopee Go
  • Shopee Collectibles
  • Shopee Catch
  • Shopee Guess It Right
  • Shopee Quiz
  • Shopee Candy
  • Shopee Words
  • Shopee Pets

How to Play Shopee Games?

Each game in Shopee has different mechanics. For instance, Shopee Candy is like Candy Crush where you need to eliminate the same candies in a row. Your points can then be exchanged like Coins, vouchers, and other prizes.

Here’s how to access and play the games in Shopee:

Step 1: Open your Shopee app

Step 2: Tap Shopee Prizes

Step 3: Select the game and play

If it’s your first time playing a game, you can check out the mechanics by tapping the question mark at the top of each game.

Most of the games are easy to play as they’re in the casual genre. Some games don’t require you to play such as the Buy Vouchers Get Coins.

What can you win with Shopee Games?

You can win a lot of prizes by playing Shopee games. These include:

  • Phones, PS5, and other Appliances/Gadgets
  • Cash
  • Shopee Coins
  • Vouchers
  • Other prizes

There are grand prizes being given away each day in Shopee so you can play as much as you want. Playing is free but some games require you to invest, or some have limited times of play.

Tips to Win at Shopee Games

A lot of people play these games for fun. But if you’re serious about winning that grand prize, you must play to win.

Here are some effective tips:

Tip #1: Play everyday

Have you ever heard the phrase, “The more tickets, the more chances of winning”? Of course, we hear it all the time from TV, radios, and social media.

The more you play the games, the higher your chances of winning prizes. So, instead of just playing games on your phone, play Shopee Games.

Tip #2: Play all the games

Don’t just play the games that you know. Try all the games available. Some games are seasonal and there are times where grand prizes are present.

So, you must try to play all the games all the time if you can.

Tip #3: Understand the mechanics

Before playing a game, you must understand the mechanics. Fortunately, most Shopee games are simple enough that a kid can even play them.

But it doesn’t hurt to read the mechanics first before playing just to be sure.

Tip #4: Use anything at your disposal

Don’t have time to play the games? Why not let your child or nephew play it for you? You’re killing two birds at the same time.

They don’t get bored, and you can focus on more important tasks while having a chance to win lots of prizes. Just be sure to share the prize to them when you win.  


How do you get your prize?

You’ll be notified in the game itself immediately if you want. You can also contact Shopee if you win a grand prize.

Where do you see the winner in Shopee games?

If you win something, you can see it in the game. There is also the list of recent winners in the game.

Can you play Shopee games anytime?

Yes, you can play games in Shopee anytime. But some of them only provide limited chances per day. You must also invest coins or money to play more.

Final Thoughts

Shopee Prizes is a great feature to have in Shopee. We can earn vouchers, cash and other prizes in the best way possible!

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