How to Use Shopee Voucher: Save Money!

There are plenty of vouchers to choose from when checking out your order in Shopee.

You can claim vouchers promoted by Shopee and directly from shops, then strategically select and apply them before you proceed with the purchase.

If you want to know how to use a Shopee voucher and maximize your online shopping savings, check out the rest of the article.

Different Types of Vouchers in Shopee

There are two main classifications of vouchers in Shopee: The Platform vouchers and Seller vouchers.

The Platform or Shopee vouchers can either be Free Shipping or Discount/Cashback vouchers.

On the other hand, Seller vouchers can be product vouchers or shop vouchers.

Take note that Shopee or Platform vouchers differ greatly in terms of shipping discount cap, spend discount cap, and coins cashback.

That depends on your payment methods, such as ShopeePay or SPayLater, shop location, minimum spend, and Shopee Loyalty level.

On the other hand, shop vouchers usually require you to follow the shop page or reach a certain amount of total spend.

How to Use a Shopee Voucher on Check Out?

To use a Shopee voucher or Seller voucher, add it immediately before pressing the Check Out button.

Shopee also allows you to select the voucher on the Checkout page to see the actual cost of shipping fee or discount and a better view of items per shop.

You can only use one type of Platform voucher when checking out, but it can be combined with more than one Seller voucher as applicable.

You can see the available Seller vouchers when reviewing your items on the product Checkout page.

Steps on Strategically Applying Shopee Vouchers

Follow these instructions on selecting Shopee vouchers to get the most discount out of them:

Step 1: Review the T&Cs of every available voucher beforehand, especially before midnight sales.

Step 2: Select a sitewide voucher if you have an exact amount on your ShopeePay Wallet, then select ShopeePay as a payment method before selecting another voucher.

Step 3: Try a combination of items depending on the price range or separate orders from one shop into two orders for more affordable shipping rates.

Step 4: Compare the discount you can get if you use a discount/cashback voucher or a free shipping voucher.

For better options, ensure that your ShopeePay Wallet is funded or that you have activated the SPayLater.

How to Use a Shopee Gift Card?

Shopee Gift Cards work similarly to other Shopee vouchers, but you must manually enter the code.

Just proceed to the Shopee Voucher page before placing your order, then enter the code on the search box before clicking the Apply button.

The first type of Shopee Gift Card is Shopping Vouchers, while the second type is Load, Bills, and eVouchers.

How to Get Shopee Vouchers?

The best way to get Platform or Shopee vouchers is to check notifications regularly for those you can claim in advance.

For seller vouchers, some are already on the Shopee Loyalty dashboard, but plenty can be seen on Shopee promotional pages.

You can also avail of extra seller vouchers by following a shop or adding more items to your cart as you window shop.

It is also a good idea to watch Shopee Live events and browse through Shopee promotion pages.


Where do I claim my Shopee vouchers?

The quickest way to find new Shopee vouchers is by heading straight to the Vouchers page from the Shopee app homepage.

Just click all the Claim buttons because you have nothing to lose by doing so, and it is optional to use them during checkout.

From there, the list of vouchers is usually tailored to the promotion, but there can be Daily Vouchers, Featured Vouchers, Brand Vouchers, and more.

Daily Essentials has vouchers for categories such as Groceries & Pet Care, Health & Beauty, and Babies & Kids.

The Electronics section has vouchers for Home Appliances and Mobiles & Gadgets, while Home & Outdoors has something for Home & Hobbies or Sports, Travel, & Motors.

Fashion enthusiasts can enjoy Apparel & Shoes or Bags & Accessories vouchers.

The list doesn’t stop there because there’s even a separate section labeled Other Voucher Offers that includes Shopee Loyalty Exclusive Vouchers, Daily Coins Cashback, Coins from friend referrals, and the usual FSS and ShopeePay vouchers.

Why can I only use one voucher in Shopee?

Shopee only allows shoppers to use one voucher for free shipping or Discount/Cashback.

You may have experienced using a combination of many vouchers before but remember that your discounts get fully or partially deducted in some way from the sellers on the platform.

The Shopee platform is very competitive, and one way to get more customers is to have a lower profit margin.

Too many discount vouchers at checkout will eat into sellers’ profits.

Which is the best Shopee voucher to use when checking out?

Shopee usually auto selects a valid Platform Voucher when you press the voucher icon to browse through applicable ones.

However, you can always check the T&Cs of the Free Shipping and Discount/Cashback vouchers or test out which one gives the most deduction.

Depending on the cap on free shipping or discounts and cashback, you may try to select different combinations of shops or items per single placing of order.

The payment method selected also affects which vouchers you can use and how much you can save.

The only way to be sure is to test the vouchers before tapping the Place Order button.

You should consider which Shopee voucher to select before finally hitting the Place Order button.

Why can’t I use my Shopee voucher?

When it seems you have selected a valid Shopee voucher, but there is no change on the product checkout page, it simply means that the items don’t meet the terms and conditions for that voucher.

However, if the voucher gets highlighted in red even before you check out, it means it is no longer available.

One reason is that early shoppers have already used up the allocation by Shopee.

Sometimes, the payment method you select disables the voucher that you picked.

It is also possible that the fund in your ShopeePay wallet isn’t enough to cover the cost of selected items for check out.

If you can’t use your Shopee voucher, it simply means that your purchase doesn’t meet the terms and conditions for the selected voucher.


Shopee has many vouchers to offer for your online shopping, whether it’s a holiday or a normal day.  

Make sure to maximize each voucher by selecting the right combination of items or shops and having enough funds for your selected payment method.

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