What Can Affect Exchange Rates in Forex?

Every time you buy and sell currency pairs in the forex market, you are taking on some amount of risk, whether it is a high amount or a low amount. Therefore, when trading currencies in forex, it is important to become familiar with the many factors that can have an impact on exchange rates.

Combined with the use of a handy economic calendar, you can begin to more accurately predict the movements of various currencies’ values, and that could help you make smarter trades that yield higher profits.

What are some of the things that can affect exchange rates? Continue reading for some information on why the values of currencies can fluctuate from one day to the next.

Inflation and Its Effects on Currencies

One thing to consider is inflation, since it can have an effect on prices in general, including the price of a currency. Typically, a currency’s value will go down when inflation goes up.

So, if you read about inflation being high in a particular country, and you know that its currency will probably decrease in value, you can use that info to your advantage by placing a trade that predicts the currency will decrease compared to another currency that’s stronger at the moment.

The Government Can Also Influence Currency Values

In addition to the buying and selling of currencies by central banks, which can influence exchange rates, if a country’s government has taken on a lot of debt, its currency’s value will likely decrease as a result.

So, it is important to keep an eye on international news when you are a forex trader, as doing so can help you recognize when a currency’s value will increase or decrease as a result of intervention or debt on the government level.

Politics and Economics

If a country is facing a lot of political instability or economic problems, its currency may decrease in value. So, again, keeping up with the news can play a key role in your ability to determine which currency pairs you should work with at any given time.

In simple terms, if a country is doing well politically and economically, and they are quite stable, the currency might also be doing well. 

As a Forex Trader, Keeping Track of Currencies Is Key

One of the exciting things about the forex market is that situations are continually changing. But this also results in the need to be diligent when it comes to tracking currencies over a long stretch of time.

Then, you can develop a better understanding of the myriad factors that influence those currencies. For instance, if you read news about economic instability in a country and you notice that the currency’s value has decreased, you can keep that in mind for the future, when you may be able to predict a dip in value when instability strikes again.

It is a learning process that takes time, but if you take notes along the way and pay close attention to what’s happening, you can use it all to your advantage down the road.

Learn About Exchange Rates So You Can Make Better Trades

The bottom line is this: by learning about exchange rates and how they are determined, you might be able to improve as a forex trader.

So, in addition to learning about how to use a trading platform and how to create a trading plan, it is also a great idea to take your time and learn about the factors that are capable of influencing currency values.

Then, you can work with currency pairs that are more likely to produce positive results.

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